Paper Town? Paper Leaves.

Last fall I received an e-mail that someone was making a movie here and would be filming several scenes in front of a couple of houses up the block from us. The movie was based on a young adult book–Paper Towns. so I assumed the movie would also be one for teenage audiences.  George Clooney had no role in it, so my interest level was not high.

Around Thanksgiving, someone taped a reminder to our front door advising that they’d be blocking off parts of the street during certain hours.  Some of the filming was done late at night, so it wasn’t much of an inconvenience.  There were huge lights placed next to the curb, up and down the street, for use when needed.IMG_2527The trucks left parked on the street were a minor annoyance.  Not as many trucks as when Homeland was filmed in this same area, but since the Homeland crew rented a nearby church parking lot, they’d been out of sigh for the most part.

White trucks lined the street some days and were more of a nuisance.  It’s not a very wide street.  IMG_2523

I apologize for the blurriness; I took all these pictures from the car.  It was slow going on this day.  Here, they were rolling some equipment down the middle of the street.


Although the trees were losing leaves, the storyline must have been set during warmer months.  Why do I think that?  Because men on ladders meticulously removed the scarlet leaves of the two dogwoods near the house and wired fake green leaves in their place.  Also, the crew was constantly blowing away dead leaves.

The first picture shows the trees with their fake leaves and the second is a closeup to show just how real they looked.  Unless they were supposed to look like dogwoods.

FullSizeRender 2014-11-13_13-29-23_237

Dearly Beloved happened to be walking past when we heard someone yell,  “Roll it!” so he took a quick snapshot of the scene.  If that was a love scene with guys practically breathing into the car, acting must be harder than I thought.  photo

But here’s my favorite picture from that week.  Alas, I never walked up to take a closeup, but see the little white square in the bottom of the photo below?


It was a handwritten sign telling where the women’s restroom was located.

 The wide screen reminds me of a roll of toilet paper.
-Yasujiro Ozu





6 thoughts on “Paper Town? Paper Leaves.

  1. There is a lot of action in your neighborhood-It can be worse things happening.
    Can you imagine the action if George Clooney was in the movie?

    Happy New Year Mary Lee!


  2. Arkansas Patti

    That had to have been fun and a bit exciting. I looked up the cast and didn’t recognize one name but that is not unusual for me. I am so behind the times teen star wise.
    I was part of a crowd scene in a movie once and the 10 seconds on the screen took all afternoon and part of the evening to film. Hurry up and wait.

  3. ncmountainwoman

    Wiring leaves on the trees. Amazing. The only movies shot here were Hunger Games and “Last of the Mohicans” in DuPont Forest. No changes were necessary. But I do love the fact that private organizations still make money giving “guided tours” for a fee to point out areas that were filmed in the movies. You could walk there for free.

  4. I’m amazed at all the effort they went to with the leaves. No wonder movies cost so much to make!! When I lived in Nova Scotia, they filmed a terrible TV movie on our street about the ’98 Swissair crash. No fake leaves were involved. 🙂

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