I’ve mentioned before that Dearly Beloved ran a cattle farm one year when he was a full-time college student.  His stories about that period are alternately funny, sad, and amazing.  It was a memorable year for him.

He has kept the book he used to consult about raising Angus cattle and it holds a place of honor on a shelf alongside a photo of our family at a Cubs game and a purple pencil cup that daughter Pogo made for him when she was in kindergarten.

(He also holds on to at least a half-dozen broken briefcases, his entry numbers from races he ran years ago, and several pairs of old tennis shoes “for working out in the yard.” But that’s beside the point.)

This video of a Utah jazz band playing for a herd of cattle in France is familiar to about 4,000,000+ people, but when someone sent it to me again recently, I showed it to DB, thinking he would like it, too.  The video links are being temperamental, but you can see the ‘official’ version on the band’s website.

He was not impressed.

“That’s nothing.  I used to yell ‘Hoooooo, COW’ and 300 cows would come running.”

I’ve been telling him that he should write a book about that year.  He has written a few stories and maybe I’ll post some if he agrees.  It’s a shame he has no pictures from that time.  I suppose I could video him doing his cow call.

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Miss Piggy came running.

8 thoughts on “Cowed!

  1. Oh Do!! I bet Miss Piggy and all the cats and dogs in the neighborhood will show up at your door! Would love to hear the stories so don’t be pokey about it!

  2. Not only hilarious…it would be miraculous if Miss Piggy came running for ANY reason other than food. I’m not surprised to learn that DB is a cow whisperer. I always imagined him as a cowboy. With a white hat, of course.

  3. Most definitely video him doing his cow call! Your husband has a lot of talent there are not many folks who can “call cow” On a serious note, I can imagine that would be a very interesting time in his life.

    Happy New Year to you and your family.


  4. Oh, I LOVED the video, and I would love to read your husband’s stories.

    And I am thinking maybe I can finally make some use of my degree in music and go down and serenade my ducks and chickens!

  5. Arkansas Patti

    Can we at least get him to blog??? I share his love of the utter bunch and his cow call reminded me of a time I may have to blog about. They put cat curosity to shame.

  6. Happy New Year to you and yours, my friend! Christmas has finally been put away and I now have more time to concentrate on my blogging. I’m looking forward to some quiet days ahead:-)

    Wait a minute….Miss Piggy RUNNING?? Nope, no way, will never happen! lol I so enjoyed that video, makes you wonder what the cows were thinking! lol Just glad they didn’t decide to stampede over those guys:-) I agree with the others, your DB should have his own blog and entertain us with all of his stories!!!!

    I look forward to another year of your delightful friendship! xoxo

    P.S. I almost forgot to thank you so much for the gorgeous photos I received in the mail a few days ago, I love them!! Your brother truly does take amazing photographs!!!

  7. So much better than “soooooooo…pig,” which would bring Miss Piggy. Keep his stories coming. We’re enjoying the smiles.

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