Sweet Nothing

My husband brakes for children’s lemonade stands.

Even if he’s out jogging and doesn’t have any money with him, he stops to tell them they have a very nice stand and that everything looks delicious.  Most of the time he’ll come home, grab some money, and return to buy something.

Today, a group of children had set up their stand on his route home from the golf course and, as usual, he stopped.  They were selling “lemonade, cookies, and cakes,” according to him.  I don’t know what “cake” means in that description.  Somehow I’m not picturing a line of layer cakes.  Anyhow, he came in the house, announcing, “I brought you a cookie.”

Huh?  That is very unlike him.  Me being on a 30-year-diet, I mean.

Yet there it was.  One small frosted cookie.  (Incidentally, I had “iced cookie” written at first, but I think that may be a southern expression and I didn’t want you trying to imagine cookie in a glass.)

Then Dearly Beloved began his tale of how he’d stopped at the stand and admired the goodies–all 50 cents each– then asked for a cup of lemonade.  He gave them a dollar and told them to keep the change for all their fine efforts.

He was getting back in the car when a little boy ran up to him, holding out a cookie, announcing, “Then you get a free cookie!”  

Dearly Beloved thought that was the sweetest thing, so he brought the cookie home to me.  It was a supermarket bakery cookie, I’m sure.

When I uploaded this photo–after I’d eaten the cookie– I noticed those little colored bits of frosting on top.  Although I knew he hadn’t,  I asked, “Did you remove the flower on top?”

“No, but I did drop the whole thing in my golf cap,”  he confessed.


“Is there a flower in your hat?”

“No, there was no flower on it.  I’m sure of that.”

Okay, look at that cookie picture again.  There was something on that cookie.  Absolutely.  A flower or an Easter egg, perhaps.  Bakeries don’t flick bits of frosting on cookies they’re trying to sell.

I think I know why the little boy decided it was a free cookie.

What would be your guess about the flower?

Licked or picked?

Happy Easter.

May the goodies in your Easter basket be hermetically sealed.


17 thoughts on “Sweet Nothing

  1. I brake for all lemonade stands. Always. One afternoon I spotted a stand, pulled to the curb and bought my .50 cent cup of lemonade while chatting with the tow-headed entrepreneur…as I started to walk back to the car–I was politely asked to return the my cup–it seems he only had two. The germs were so worth the story.

    The kid ate your flower…

    Happy Easter!

  2. All I want to know is Did DB eat the cookie before you could get the answer to this mystery? LOL.

    He’s so sweet! We need more people like him when the kids are out there working hard. It always makes me sad when my youngest sits out there with no customers…

  3. Hmm…I think I’ll take a pass on “licked or picked.” Circumstantial evidence, don’t ya know.

    My brother sold lemonade once. When he and his friend were done, they asked me if I wanted some. Ever the trusting idiot, I said “Sure!” They handed me a Dixie cup which, upon inspection, was full of gutter water. Ah, sweet memories…

  4. Last summer the local authorities were closing down kid’s lemonaide stands; they were selling food without a Health Department permit. Seems a bit draconian to me, until I wonder if the kid might have picked her nose as she was preparing the delicious food and beverage. Perchance does their kitty cat inspect the preparations from the vantage point of their kitchen counter?

    I think lemonaide stands are cute, but do we want to know what the kitchen they came out of looks like? I’ll pass.

  5. Reminds me of the story of the young priest who goes to visit an elderly lady. While chatting with her, he notices a bowl of peanuts beside his chair and starts eating them. Just before leaving he says how sorry he is that he ate all her peanuts. She answers, oh that’s all right, I don’t like peanuts anyway and that’s why I had only licked the chocolate off of them. GAG! lol

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  7. Chatter Master

    Your husband brakes for all lemonade stands, and little boys give free cookies to nice people who stop at their stands. What a great world! 🙂

    Oh, licked or picked off? There does not appear to be a tongue print.

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