Ch-Ch-Change. . .

One of my most annoying habits (please, Family,  I’m not asking for a list here!) is giving unsolicited advice.  Just can’t stop myself from throwing in my two cents worth.  I should wear a t-shirt giving advice about my advice:

Don’t take it.

A couple of weeks ago we drove down to Charleston.  That’s in South Carolina.  We live in Charlotte, North Carolina.  There is also a Charlottesville, Virginia and a Charlestown,  West Virginia and (why, I don’t know) a Charles Town, West Virginia.  That CH- factor confuses people in other parts of the country.

Charlotte PR folks don’t like to see NC after the name of the city, thinking it can stand alone like London. . . Chicago. . . Tokyo.   That uppity attitude happened about the time the city got a pro basketball team, the Hornets,  which subsequently got mad and buzzed off  to New Orleans.   I wish they’d left the name behind though because it had some historical significance to the area.

Hmmm.  Another bad habit of mine–I don’t stay on the subject.  I’m getting to the point though.

On that drive from Charlotte to Charleston and back, we noticed that SC is looking a little under the weather.   We’ve had more rain than usual this summer so the kudzu vines, which normally grow about a foot a day, spread closer to two feet a day this time of year.   It isn’t just kudzu; other weeds, too, are growing like. . . well, WEEDS.   The reason I mention that is that they aren’t getting mowed along some South Carolina highways and someone needs to get to it before the ragweed starts blowing.

Both Carolinas sometimes do plantings in the interstate highway medians but I suppose budget cuts curtailed that.  South Carolina’s bright crimson clover used to ripple like the back-brushed hair of a dog as cars and trucks sped by.  This trip, there were a few plantings and manicured areas near the towns, but head-high dog fennel weeds towered over the median canna plantings and the highway shoulders looked surprisingly scraggly.

These are interstate roads–federal highways all the way.  I think those are state maintained, although the feds contribute to upkeep.  I hate to tattle, but somebody’s not keeping up.

Since he spent time flying when he should have kept his feet on the ground, perhaps SC Governor Mark Sanford has not noticed.   He has had other things on his mind; just yesterday the Lt. Governor called upon him to resign. Sanford refused.

I think a little penance is in order and that’s where my advice comes in.

I’m not an expert on doing penance  (although I do have a college of cardinals in my fig bush) but I don’t think his current plan of going around to Rotary Clubs to make speeches is the way to go about it.  I’m thinking that if he got on one of those big state-owned tractor mowers and cut a swath from the NC/SC state line to Charleston, THAT would be making a statement to the people of his state, as well as help to reimburse them for the flights he took on the state’s nickel.  If he still wants to ride in and stop at the Rotary Clubs along the way to have lunch and give a speech, that would be okay, too.

He’s a pretty poetic guy, so he could come up with a sign to put on the back, like, “I should have let the grass grow under MY feet, not yours.”  Or “I’m mowing now because I cut out on you earlier.”

I can picture the scene now:  Mown sliver, wider than a mile. . .

More advice, Gov’nur:  Don’t be going off the shoulder for bathroom breaks.  It isn’t a matter of, “If a Governor sh—ts in the woods and nobody sees. . . ”  Too late for that.  We saw.

It’s that even if the court of public opinion doesn’t get you, the kudzu might.


4 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Change. . .

  1. Birdie

    Excellent suggestion, please send it to the appropriate news outlets.
    However, it has been my considered opinion over the years of driving from CHarlotte, NC to Atlanta ( no state necessary) that SC roadsides of I-85 have always looked low-rent compared to North Carolina. When our family made that trek regularly we would say you could tell where NC started because there was no more litter and the medians and shoulders were cut. Now maybe the road from CHarlotte, NC to CHarleston, SC got more attention in the past, since it passes through the state capital (Columbia, as in SC). Maybe you just noticed the difference, but I really don’t think it is the cutbacks. it is just that SC has lower standards in many things about their state–for example: governor, current.

  2. I’m with Birdie on this one. We live in the Southeast and have noticed the same thing about SC roads, medians, etc. compared to other states. But, maybe the current economy has played into it, as well.

  3. My husband always says that my lack of knowledge on a given subject doesn’t in any way diminish my ability to give an opinion. Perhaps we could get a discount on our tee shirts.

    I have enjoyed a lot of laughs at the expense of the SC guv. Wonder if someone could get former Alaska guv Palin to come and talk with him about lame duck and such.

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