Where In the World Do I Put South Dakota?

During our moves to different states, we learned that geography is not a strong suit for many  Americans.  Not only are we lousy at World Geography  (including myself here!) we’re not that great at US Geography either.  When we lived in the Midwest, more than one person asked did we know such-and-such who lived in North Carolina… ?  Or wait, maybe it was South Carolina” without knowing the city or town. My favorite was the one who didn’t know the person’s last name either.

No, I don’t believe I do.

No matter what you’ve heard, folks in the South aren’t all kin to each other.

While we were living in Wisconsin, our older daughter, Boo, attended college in North Carolina.  At a college mixer, she mentioned to a boy from Florida that we lived in Wisconsin.  He said, “I know only one person in Wisconsin, a second cousin.  He’s a first grade teacher.

Boo said that she had a sister in first grade.  She knew a great deal about Pogo’s teacher because he was an extraordinary educator–very special to us– and we’d talked often of him.  Boo and the boy talked a while longer and eventually discovered that the second cousin was… yep… Pogo’s teacher.

When I tried this game of dropping the states in their correct positions on a blank outline of the United States,  I confess I made made a few errors, with the average error being 21 miles.  It’s not that easy to drop South Dakota on a blank map.  See how you do.

I’m not ready to take on the world, although it’s on the same website.  If you manage that one, feel free to brag!