It’s a Wrap! (Get it?)

Gather around…it’s time for Merrilymarylee’s Christmas craft time.   Surprising, because nope, I’m not crafty.  A little sneaky from time to time, but not crafty.

My acrylic paints are older than some of the grandsons, but if I can shake up a little color when I add water in the dried-up bottles, they’re good for another year.

I used to use a Dremel, but it lost its appeal after I discovered that the Apple Dumpling Gang contractor was using my drill to grind down his false teeth while he was here working on our kitchen.

By this point, any true crafters have moved on.  The rest of you, come and sit by me.

A couple of years ago I was walking along the beach and  scooped up a handful of these:

They’re mussel and oyster shells, I think.  Half shells, some just bits of them. They’re common on our beach, but not exactly a shell collector’s dream.  After I studied them awhile,  some began to remind me of hair or a beard.

I thought I’d try to turn them into Santa gift tags.

I don’t spend much time working on them–no Gesso or primer.  They’re only gift tags, after all.  I drilled a hole in some with my Dremel, but found that gluing the ribbon to the back of the shell usually holds.

I found that the mussel shells are more apt to look like Santa.  Some of the oyster shells looked more solemn.   One that started out to be Santa ended up as an angel.  Another looked more like a seated  lady. Not for a minute am I claiming to have seen the Virgin Mary in an oyster shell, thank you.  I painted the shell to be what it looked like it wanted to be.

Here are a few of my Santa shell gift tags, along with the angel and woman.  So far, no wise men on the beach.

I’m still a long way away from having to figure out how to display a creche on the half shell.