Booty Call

Take a guess.  This is what happens when you take an old camera with slow shutter speed and a dying battery to boot and attempt to take photos of moving objects.

Here’s the jackpot question:  What IS this?

No guess?  That’s okay.  It’s the weekend and you’re not at your sharpest.  Here’s a clue:

I know you’re going to get it now because here is the back side of the view above.

Ahhh.  You know now, don’t you?

This is an annual event that draws the neighbors out to watch.  They may as well; they can’t get out of their driveways.   Being a spectator makes one hungry and thirsty.   Very thirsty.  Coolers everywhere.

Welcome to the Charlotte’s 24 Hours of Booty.  Over 1200 bicycle riders and a slew of volunteers will raise over $1,000,000 for cancer research during this event.

That’s reason enough to expect a little patience from the neighbors, despite some inconveniences.


Here are some pictures taken in the minutes before it started.

Cone man.
Walking riders.

The ride  began at 7 PM, led by a fancy red car and a group of motorcyclists.  The logic there eludes me.

Fancy red car.
Hogs? Hawgs? Motorcycles.

Then the riders… and all that spandex!  The beginning is crowded, since ‘most all of the team members ride those first laps.  Then some of them will retire to Bootyville to rest until their turn in the relay.

And they're off!

There are all ages and all kinds of bicycles.

The strange photos at the beginning of the post were taken around 9 PM and I was trying to take pictures of the cyclists on their bikes.  The route, incidentally, is shaded and takes them along some beautiful neighborhood streets.  There are police officers, barricades, fences, lights, and volunteers to keep the cyclists moving in the right direction, but more importantly, to deter any automobile drivers who insist they must  plow through.  No amount of pre-publicity ever changes that.

The first picture of this post was a bicyclist with strings of colored lights woven in his wheels.  The next was a shot of the oncoming bicycles.   As they passed, I turned and took a shot of their tail lights.  Wasn’t trying to, but that’s all that showed.  Use your imagination.

Where did the rest of them go while they waited for their next turn?  To the neighborhood school soccer field which, during this event, is transformed into a tent town known as Bootyville.

There were luxury travel trailers and tents of all sizes.  I took these pictures just before  6 AM, while many were still sleeping.  The breakfast tent was lively.  So were the portajons.

Television trucks and sponsor tents were set up in the same area.

Looks like they’re good to go as far as water supplies.

Survivor Hour starts at 3:30 PM  and the Last lap announcement comes at 6:45.  At 7 PM, it’s all over and the streets are opened immediately as  24 Hours of Booty ends  for another year.

A number of the cyclists ride here regularly.  Barring butt sores, they’ll be back weekday afternoons, to the annoyance of  the commuters.  But this weekend, the only birds they’ll see are the ones in the trees.!