Independence, Yes, But NIMBY!!!

Ivy, our granddog Goldendoodle arrived yesterday to stay with us for a week while her Peeps spend a week at the beach.

We were thrilled at the chance to have her for a week.  She’s a fun dog AND Ivy chases squirrels!  Oh, the thrill or seeing those little bastards scatter!  They are as fearful of her as they are contemptuous of us.  When we run out yelling at them, they give us the finger before sauntering off to lean against a tree, waiting for us to leave.  When Ivy goes out, they head for the treetops at top speed.

So, when Ivy’s family headed out yesterday, we came inside to enjoy looking out at our tree rodent-free yard.  Some time later, we heard Scout at the gate, barking loudly, which she rarely does.  Dearly Beloved called the dogs inside, but only Scout came.

Ivy had disappeared.

Imagine our panic!  Her folks hadn’t even reached the beach yet and we’d already lost their dog!  I fired off a Lost Dog e-mail to the neighborhood with a regal photo of Ivy.  I didn’t text my daughter.  I put  Version 2 Scout on a leash and asked her to play bloodhound while we walked the neighborhood.  She began sniffing immediately and my hopes soared.  Hah!  She was just looking for a place to pee–twice, before we even got to the corner.

In the meantime, DB had already headed out in his car.  He was so determined to find her that he said he was prepared to search all night.

While I was waiting for Scout to finish, I received an e-mail from someone in the neighborhood saying that Ivy was safe–she’d seen her with a couple who were trying to locate her owners.  They had called the number on the ID tag, but Voicemail was full, so they couldn’t leave a message.

The clever couple took Ivy home with them and sent a text to the number on the tag, since they couldn’t leave a message.  So, our daughter, on her way to the beach, received a text from strangers, saying, “We have your dog.  She is safe.”

Ivy loved the adventure.  She played with the couple’s Great Dane until DB arrived.  She’ probably bragged about it to Scout.  Ivy’s ID tag had broken off previously and Daughter had handed it to me when they arrived, asking could we fix it and put it back on her collar.  DB did so immediately.  Daughter was so grateful that he’d done so that she may even let us keep the grandkids again.  DB and I figure that we lost only five years of our lives at most.   Scout is giving us reproachful looks that say, “I TRIED to tell you that she’d broken out of the joint!”  

Trauma is exhausting, so DB and the dogs are napping.  Sounds like a good idea to me.  But first,  Ivy has a message for you. . . .







11 thoughts on “Independence, Yes, But NIMBY!!!

  1. Your life has become a sitcom! This is like the “Big Bang Theory” episode where Howard and Bernadette leave Raj’s dog, Cinnamon, at the dog park after he entrusted her to their care. They drive around yelling her name out of the car windows. Then they realize Cinnamon might not recognize her name unless it was said with an Indian accent. At least DB didn’t have to do that.

    1. FUNNY!!! I’ve never even seen the show, but it sounds like we’re in reruns anyhow. Didn’t need to do an accent, but I did walk around yelling for her to no avail. Did meet a couple of new neighbors. They’ll probably always think of me as “the strange one.”

  2. Only you would refer to the squirrels as little bastards….which they are! The Boss just shoots them with his BB gun….the cat gets the rest…We adopted (well bought for a very high price) a Great Pyrenees three weeks ago….a few days with us and the cat killed a chipmunk and then the puppy all 11 pounds of him quickly snatched it up…the BOss tried to grab it out of his mouth and with a growl and a bite he swallowed the thing WHOLE…..a trip to the emergency dog place later they gave him a shot and up it came just like it went down…in one piece…Beautiful little dog…after three weeks we had to return him to the breeder…so much for being Gentle Giants….he was a vicious biter…we both have scars all over our arms….eating the chipmunk whole should have been a clue…..Happy 4th and keep Ivy away from the chipmunks!!

    1. URP!!! I’d have thrown up simply watching it go down. Sorry he didn’t work out for you. I’m thinking he would have solved your squirrel problem for sure! I’m hoping that Ivy will send our tree rats packing while she’s here. DB’s dog Scout chases chipmunks and when she spots a chipmunk hole, she digs them so large that I’ve had to set flowerpots over them to keep from falling in. 🙂 Between the two dogs, you’d think that my garden would look quite grand. It might, if they didn’t make a running track around the lawn. Stay cool! Your temps are as bad as ours this week, I think.

  3. Arkansas Patti

    Nothing worse than those first horrifying minutes of losing a pet left in your care. Love the totally posh picture you smartly emailed out but luckily, you got results but even better, DB had fixed the ID tag. However so much for keeping the escape from your daughter. What great people that found her. This could have been so much worse.

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