Houston Nous Avons Un Problème

My family doesn’t post much on Facebook these days.   No pictures of the grandkids (which I understand) but Facebook is also how I keep up with where everyone is.  At the end of May, I’m guessing they’re all at home, immersed in the end-of-school activities.

I wouldn’t know, even if they did post, because Facebook has Frenched me.


How could that happen?  Believe me, I don’t screw around with Facebook settings.  I wouldn’t know how. For years I never checked messages and notifications because I didn’t  know what those symbols meant.

Just now, I ventured over to the buttons on the right in an attempt to bring myself back to my native tongue.  Fat chance!  All the options are in French.

Que diable?

Dearly Beloved, who claims to have had five years of French, didn’t even look up from his book when I told him of my dilemma.   Pretty sure he’s not ignoring me.  It’s more like he’s telling me, “Je ne me souviens pas de la merde !”

Google translate tells me that’s how to say, “I can’t remember shit!”

If you have an idea of how to get me out of de la merde. . . h e l p!!!

If not, “friend” my family members so that you can tell me what they’re up to.

Until then, Au Revoir, Facebook!


PS.  Autocorrect changed my merde to merge.  Thank goodness for friends who know that merde!  (I’ve had to change it three times right here in hand-to-hand combat with Autocorrect.)   Phooey!  That one is the same in French or English.






21 thoughts on “Houston Nous Avons Un Problème

  1. Okay, I’ll walk you through it. 🙂

    Go to your Facebook page.

    On the upper right at the top there are a lot of little icons to the right of “Find Friends.”

    On the very right is an icon shaped like a triangle. Click on it and a drop down menu…well…drops down.

    Scroll down to “settings.”

    Click on that and your General Account Settings page will come up.

    On the left is “Language.” Click on that and “Language settings” will be shown. Click on “edit” and select English.

    Then click on “save” and Voila! You’re done!

  2. Okay, I just went to my Facebook page and changed the language to French and now I see your dilemma. Whew! I almost didn’t get it changed back. Fortunately, Google chrome asked me if I wanted to translate the page to English, which I did so I could switch it back. Does anything like that pop up for you? I’ll try it again to see if I can navigate in French.

  3. Okay, go to “Parametres generaux au compte” (settings) then click on “Langues” (languages) on the left and then click on “modifier” at the top where it show Francais as your language. Then click on English (US) in the drop down menu. I have no idea what English (pirate) is, but aaarrrggh, matey, maybe you do. Then click on “enregistere les modifications” to save. Done. Phew.

    1. You are an absolute wonderment. I would never in a million years have figured that out on my own. MERCI for having mercy.

      I really think you should run for office in Texas; you could be the token SANE PERSON!

    2. I was curious about pirate English. Now that I know what it is, I may have to have a crack at reading that!

      English(pirate) language on facebook.
      only the most ballin’ thing ever. turns regular english into ol’ pirate dialect. EVERYTHING is in pirate language. personal favorites are bewitched portraits(videos), find this pleasin’ to the eye(like), month o’ showers(april), be wheghin’ in(commenting), bottled message(new message), grains o’ sand(seconds), has gone ashore(signed off),one grog fest sighted(one event invite), shots o’ rum,(minutes)livery bilge raps be sendin’ ye news(updates)……. the list goes on.
      this english(pirate) language on facebook. is hilarious! lol, i reported someone and it said “report this here landlubber t’Cap’n and make em walk the plank!”

  4. Dawn, TTPT is indeed awesome. I don’t know how many languages she already knows, but the last I heard, she was learning Russian, Dutch, and Italian. Even so, I wouldn’t advise switching your Facebook account to Russian in order to test her.

  5. Didn’t see all the comments but this what worked for me—-go to your news feed (see tab at top and click on Home) and then go to the bottom of the right column and click next to your current language. Select your language from the list that appears. Should work. And then take your Dearly Beloved out for a Croissant!
    I bought my parents a digital picture frame that I can load pictures from home on—it is very simple on both ends. My parents leave it on all the time and current pictures show up like magic. Wish I this gift had been available when Cole was little. All your family members can load pictures on it from the web site. —- Link: http://www.amazon.com/Nixplay-Original-Facebook-Instagram-W12A/dp/B00J3TWQ8I?ie=UTF8&psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o06_s00

      1. Your way worked, Kid, and was simple enough for me to follow, so it couldn’t possibly have been “the hard way.” I may try Katybeth’s method so that I can switch to Pirate English.

  6. Arkansas Patti

    I understand your problem for my Facebook account is fake and was set up by my niece just so I could visit hers. Kind of like my cell phone–only used for emergency calls. I am a bit electronically challenged. So glad some savvy person could solve your problem.

  7. I’m going to visit a couple of my grandsons this weekend. I have a list of computer and cellphone “situations” that I hope one of them will address. I have oatmeal cookies and sour gummies packed as bribes. Oh.. . . and Cheerwine. They can’t get Cheerwine in Indiana. 🙂

  8. Wow-ask a question and you get answers!
    I too share your Facebook observation. Both my children are on FB as are their spouses. But very little if any news there these days.
    BUT–they did sign me up for Snapchat. So everyday I get to see adorable photos and videos of my dearest grandchildren–two in London, UK and one in San Diego. They are far far away from me in Central PA.
    By the way, on my blog about smell and memory–all three incidents of which I wrote were some years ago. The country I visited was Ghana and I blogged a fair bit about it at the time.
    We have a small group of bloggers trying to resuscitate our writing so every week I write a prompt. This week it was — write about a particular smell and the memory it brings to mind.

    1. Resuscitation sounds like a good idea. . . I’ve been hit or miss in writing and in reading. (I think I remember reading about your trip; let me say that if yesterday’s writing is a gauge, your resuscitation has you in top form.) You definitely win the prize (and sympathy!) for having the most spread-out offspring! Ouch!

  9. Well dang! I’ve always felt so comfortable reading your posts. I really get your humor. And I always fancied myself reasonably intelligent and computer savvy. But these guys have shown me how little I know. I might not be in the same intellectual league as your other readers. But I’m sticking with you no matter what.

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