I Gave It the Hairy Eyeball

Despite my Dearly Beloved’s eye rolls, I’m one of those people who brings home the complimentary shampoos, conditioners, etc., from our hotel stays.  I believe I have enough shoe cloths to set up my own shoeshine station.

Not so with the shampoo and conditioners.  Now that we rarely travel,  the silver bowl of freebies in our guest bathroom has not been restocked in a l-o-n-g  time.  It contains only lotions and body washes.  No shampoos or conditioners.

I’ve been using a prescription shampoo and I’m a tub person anyhow, so I’ve paid little attention to our shower amenities beyond noting that there were some bottles of shampoo and conditioners in the shower rack.

A few weeks ago,  I decided I wanted to use something besides the dermatology stuff, so I checked out the stash in the shower and found it sorely lacking;  empty bottles, missing lids, no shampoos and conditioners from the same manufacturer.  Shameful!  As I began tossing them,  I spied a couple of like-new bottles I’d never even seen before.

I sniffed one and found it to have a delicious coconut scent.

Since then, I’ve used the bottles several times. . . enough that the bottles are getting a little low.  Whichever of our offspring who left it here won’t mind, right?  After all, everybody wants Momma to be happy.   In fact, I thought I’d better hint that we need more, so I took a quick picture to remind them which brand it was.

Beach Babe.  Oh yeah, that was it.   Beach Babe.

Then I read the labels more carefully.


Harrumph!   Really?

Rest assured that the bottles will soon have “Your Mother begs to differ” written down the sides with my best Sharpie.


People who can finish a shampoo bottle at the same time as the conditioner are truly gifted.





3 thoughts on “I Gave It the Hairy Eyeball

  1. Arkansas Patti

    Goodness, that was a bit presumptuous of them to put that on the bottle. That wipes out a huge demographic. Way to go ignoring ageist advertising:)

  2. I do the same thing and like you, I no longer stay at hotels very often. So now I purchase the “sample” products at the drugstore. My dentist provides us with toothbrushes at our checkups. Our d-i-l left some Beach Babe and I really liked it. She and our son use a lot of “products” and keep a supply here for visits. I actually had to replace the Beach Babe. And no one looked at me strangely when I purchased it.

  3. Interesting how they put a little heart in there in the place of the “o” in mother’s. Trying to soften the blow, perhaps? A little passive-aggressive if you ask me. Harrumph, indeed.

    I use a 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner combo. How’s that for the height of laziness?

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