Y’all Hear That?

Usually when Dearly Beloved and I drive to Indianapolis in the winter, our visits  trigger an arctic blast of frigid winds and stinging snow.  So why do we go in winter?

We go to witness the Indiana religion:  Basketball.

This is oldest grandson’s senior year in high school.  He doesn’t plan to play in college, so we went up to watch a couple of his last games.  As soon as we crossed the state line into Virginia, we found snow covering the ground.  Surprisingly,  the farther up we drove, the less snow we found.  The temperature rose to 70 that weekend.

By the time we reached Indiana, we didn’t need the usual assortment of snow boots, gloves, or scarves.  Heck, we didn’t even need a coat.

Old Man Winter must not have recognized our car.

The pale residents of Indianapolis immediately hit the sidewalks as if someone had rung a citywide fire drill.  They walked their children and pets, bicycled, jogged, and crowded every outdoor restaurant table in the city.

Our grandsons reminded us of kids on a snow day here in North Carolina, basking in the warmth!

DB and I have come to realize that these two grandsons are Midwesterners.  They were born in Indiana and have never lived anywhere else.  Livermush and hushpuppies have probably never entered their vocabulary, much less their stomachs.  I don’t know if they even eat grits.  Their only nod to southern cuisine is the cartons of Cheerwine that we take for them when we visit.

There is not so much as a hint of southern inflection in their speech.  “Southernness”  must not be passed along through DNA,  but there was one brief incident which gave us hope.

Senior grandson went out with a girl-space-friend (not a girlfriend, he pointed out)  on Saturday night.  While he was out, his younger brother texted an urgent message to him:

When you’re on the way home, please stop someplace and get me some sour Gummies and sweet tea.

HOPE, right?


10 thoughts on “Y’all Hear That?

  1. I am glad our weather cooperated for you! We have a GORGEOUS day today- I have sheets drying on the clothesline!!
    I didn’t realize one of your grandsons is a senior. (So is my daughter.) Very nice that you were able to see him play B-ball one last time. I am sure it meant the world to him to have you there.

    1. It meant the world that I baked cookies and took them. He was so complimentary that I came home and baked more to send as the 8 dozen I baked didn’t last 48 hours. They were healthy thought–oatmeal and wheat germ and nuts, raisins, and dried cherries. Practically granola, right? 🙂

    1. And e-mail and texts are sooooo much better than having to wait for news and photos in the mail! Yes, I love it, although it”s moving faster than I expected. Yikes!

    1. Hmmm. I admit that I buy Unsweet tea. Used to make it (sweet) the everyone was here, but now I’m the only one who drinks it and also, I’m lazy. Gold Peak does a fine job for me.

  2. Kudos to you for being such dedicated grandparents! The kids sound great, even if they are Midwesterners. 🙂

    I had a co-worker here in Texas whose daughter got married and moved to Ohio. (It was “only” supposed to be for five years, but she’s probably still there after fifteen.) When the daughter became pregnant my friend was adamant that she come home to have the baby here. She actually said, “I’m not going to have any Ohioan for a grandchild!” I’m sure she’s changed her mind on that one.

    1. My daughter just informed me that they eat grits regularly, love hushpuppies, and use y’all frequently. 🙂 Better than I thought! Forget the livermush. I don’t eat it either. However, my kids LOVED it when they were growing up. When we moved to Wisconsin, I couldn’t find any, so I actually made it for them a few times.

  3. Arkansas Patti

    Amazing to see how various parts of the country have such different social mores. Sounds like there is hope however. Perhaps you should teach them how to make sweet tea and really get them hooked. .

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