I’m embarrassed.  I haven’t blogged in so long, even my computer has forgotten the password.  It is difficult to type with my head held so low in shame.   I’ll add post more often than quarterly  to my New Year’s resolutions.

When my Dearly Beloved mentioned that I was nagging in early January, I added Don’t nag to the list, too,  along with my usual duo–exercise and lose weight.

However,  the Christmas ornaments are still sitting on the dining room table.   We didn’t decorate much, so it’s not like a rummage sale in there, but still. . . .

When I took them all down right after New Year’s, I asked DB would he bring the boxes down from the attic.  (I’m forbidden to go up there) and he cheerfully said, “Of course.”

As reminding him would be nagging,  I didn’t mention it again until he asked ME when was I going to put away the Christmas decorations.

“When you bring the box down from the attic.”.

He nodded.   “I wondered why you were leaving them out for so long.”  

That was last week.  The attic door has not been opened and the decorations have not been moved.

This shilly-shallying could continue into spring.  I’ll just hang a few Valentines on the Christmas things.   We don’t even call it being lazy.  It’s a brain wane.  Now that we are retired,   we try to be more frugal,  so we keep the lights on in only one brain between us.

Speaking of lights, I should catch you up on what’s new, rodent-wise, here at Squirrel Manor.  In a previous post, I mentioned that my brother BroJoe was inundating me with various squirrel items to, he informed me, “improve your sense of humor.” 

I showed you my squirrel necklace, my squirrel enameled box, and my squirrel pillows.   There was one pair I missed though. . . what bathroom can be without a squirrel family nightlight?


Yes, Friends, I now pee by squirrel light.

How does he FIND this stuff, I wondered.   Only my brother would be that crazy.

Au contraire.

A couple of weeks later. another package arrived–a total  surprisefrom a company  called Flytrap Clothing,  a North Carolina company.  It had to be from BroJoe, I thought, seeing the contents.


Four squirrel napkins, tied with a bow.  Even though I am heartless when it comes to squirrels in my garden, I had to admit:  these little buggahs ARE cute.

I dug back into the package and found this note:


I met Katybeth Jensen through her blog, My Odd Family,  and follow her on Facebook because she is one delightfully zany, sunshiny lady with a touch of um… crazy.  Katybeth doesn’t like squirrels any more than I do. Once, she sent me information on how to get rid of squirrels.  Since weapons of mass destruction weren’t recommended, the book wasn’t much help. Now here she was, putting the critters in my lap.  Literally.

Frankly, if I ran E! network, I’d drop the Kardashians and set cameras up at Katybeth’s Chicago residence.  This woman and her teen son run a doggy daycare  in their Chicago home and their adventures in and beyond the dog world are often hysterical.

But I digress.

With squirrels overtaking my house, when my brother returned from a trip through West Virginia, bearing a gift from Tamarack, I had no doubt what would be in the colorful wrappings.

“It’s hand-blown glass,” he informed me.

I breathed easier.  Even BroJoe would not spend money on a hand-blown glass squirrel, I thought.

I was right.






10 thoughts on “Resolute!

    1. Oops! Thanks for letting me know. I tried to redo it.

      If your suggestion worked, I’ll bet we’d all have giant inflatable squirrels in our yards. We would at least TRY it. You first! 🙂

  1. Arkansas Patti

    Hey, post when you feel like it. It is worth the wait
    That squirrel pee light is adorable. Your brother is too funny. Whenever we have either a phobia or passion for something, we are so easy to buy for. Are pigs next?? I use to collect foxes and even long after I said “enough all ready”, they keep coming. Good luck.

    1. I figure I have enough of a collection of squirrels in my back yard. I went to the dentist office today. They’re surrounded by a parking lot. No trees. They have bird feeders outside each window for the patients to watch. Guess what was on the one outside mine.

  2. Glad you are blogging again, Mary! Happy New Year!
    We had to take down our bird feeder as thee squirrels in our area were emptying it every day, doing acrobats to get at the feeder. I recently learned that squirrels can carry plague, so it isn’t a bad idea to keep them away.
    The cute squirrel paraphernalia you were given by your brother and friend is cute, however–the best kind of squirrel to keep around!

    1. They’re awful, aren’t they! It wouldn’t make me so mad if we didn’t have three giant oak trees in our yard. In fact, our neighborhood is lined with oak trees. Why don’t they eat the acorns and leave the bird seed alone? It’s got to be easier than all those acrobatics to get to a feeder.

      My dentist is Italian and says she cooks Italian. I asked her if she made enough desserts and cookies to line a city block at Christmas like you do. She salutes you. 🙂

  3. ncmountainwoman

    Actually having a husband you can nag is a good thing. My own DB is too quick to action. If I set a newspaper on the counter for a second, he grabs it and runs to the recycle bin. And if I mention that “perhaps we should think about” it’s planned in an instant.

    We also suffer from relatives who send us squirrel paraphernalia. It’s in a closet and will one day be mailed to another squirrel hater. Perhaps even back to the relatives.

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