Whack the Hack!

The year is not even half over and there is a four-letter word ending in -ck that is about to push me over the edge.

No, not the F-bomb. People wouldn’t even be able to communicate without that one any longer.  It’s decidedly imprecise, like an effin’ car that won’t start.  What IS an “effin’ car?”  Or even “WTF.”  WTF does that even mean?!  Colorful, creative cussing has been replaced with a single, boring word.

Well, poot!  (that one is a favorite of my friend Dirtwoman, who doesn’t seem to have succumbed. )

But I’ve digressed.   H-a-c-k is showing up everywhere, replacing some much softer and more accurate words.  Remember when “runway” was where a plane sat, until until some British reporter used tarmac and every American reporter swooned?  There’s nothing wrong with tarmac; it was simply the speed at which it took over which surprised me.   These days, the only thing a runway is good for is modeling clothes.

Sheesh!  I’ve digressed again.  Perhaps my brain waves have been hacked.

Hack has a negative connotation to me.  If a surgeon does a hack job in removing a tumor, one thinks malpractice. When a cat hacks up a hairball, who wants to keep it around?  If a stylist hacks up one’s hair, there goes the tip.  There are dozens of other uses, involving axes, hoes, horses, cab drivers, computers, sports penalties, shin kicking. . ..   And we’re supposed to switch gears and embrace that?

How did this happen so fast?  Who made that decree?!  It’s an invasion of the body hackers!

Life Hacks, Household Hacks, Gardening Hacks?  Really?   I’d prefer mine in HINT form, thank you.  Any other way is a hairball.



5 thoughts on “Whack the Hack!

  1. ncmountainwoman

    You find this word-of-the-year everywhere you turn. I just saw an article about 10 useful hacks for travelers. As a nurse, I always thought hack referred to a type of dry cough. As a reader I thought it was a cart and horse. Now there are just too many definitions. So I’m simply not going to use the word at all. And I got the hint: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY

  2. Guilty. But you are right hint and tip do sound nicer. I’m going to reform and only use hack appropriately for ever more. Thank you for showing me the evils of my way. The end. Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. Arkansas Patti

    I was late to the table and at first thought “hacks” were bad things–on the order your mentioned. It is so hard to keep up. If I ever get comfortable using it, someone will think up a newer term to mean the same thing. Phooey.

    1. Have you seen the commercial where two marketing men overhear a couple of guys in an elevator talking about the new catchphrase “woo woo?” They go back to their office and get this big campaign going with it. Meanwhile, the two guys are in another elevator and the one says “Dude, you still on woo woo?” And the other one snorts and says, “Naw, man. My MOM is on woo woo.”

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