As The Worms Turn

Okay, I know I’m being lazy here, but I’ll bet that some of you probably know the answer to this without my having to interrupt my Netflix movie .

My Memphis Friend, DirtWoman, asked me a question, not that she’s expecting an answer from me.  But maybe you know.  Why, after a heavy rain, does she find earthworms all over her garage floor?  She says there are two dozen or so where the garage door comes down and many more in deeper parts of the garage.  She feels that there is no way they can wash in there, with all the brick edging, walls, doors, thresholds, gaskets, etc.

We’ve had heavy rains, too,  but haven’t seen any earthworms in our garage.  I do see them on sidewalks after a rain, but that’s easier to understand.  Of course, I have our garage so full of junk that even a blind earthworm might seek neater quarters.

Now a silly question from me. . . .

Does anyone else read Brooke McEldowney’s comic strips?

Even though I don’t always understand them, I am fascinated by the way this man’s mind works.  Yes, MAN, although I thought woman for a long time.  He writes two strips, quite different, with brilliant artwork in both.  I’ve been wanting to mention them to you, but when there is a continuing story line, one can’t just start in the middle.   Pibgorn, for instance,  retold Romeo and Juliet in absolutely charming, non-traditional drawings several months ago.  Other times, always on a weekend, the cartoonist may come up with a single thought, without a drawing at all.  It’ll be a zinger, frequently religious or political,  always clever.

Then there is the always fun at 9 Chickweed Lane, the sassiest address in the comic world.  The strip has just enough different characters to sometimes confuse me about the relationships, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying it.  There have been stories about double agents having affairs, a pretty young vet stealing mistreated cows and starting an affair with her Scandinavian handyman right there in the barnyard.  The romance angle continued long after the cow issue was resolved.  There are ongoing panels about a hot-blooded couple who are often in concert.

I’ve never seen either of these strips in a newspaper and I’m sure the papers that do carry them get letters, but the cartoonist has won multiple awards and his drawings are perfection.  The artwork is what drew me to the strips in the first place.  I read them on go

Reading online comments about comic strips is like turning over a rock;  Lunatics Anonymous lurk there, waiting for the next panel to appear.  (That’s odd, because blog commenters are almost always lucid and delightful.  Seriously.)   Anyway, Mr. McEldowney  disallows comments on either of his strips.  If you don’t like ’em, don’t read ’em.  I like his logic.

His comic strips may not win you over, but give them a few days to see if they grow on you.  I suspect you’ll love them or hate them–nothing in between.   As for me, I find that a  little chuckle every morning is a very good thing.

Heh, heh.







4 thoughts on “As The Worms Turn

  1. Not really like beached whales, but I kind of felt like I needed to have a rescue intervention. Couldn’t get Rick interested in collecting earthworms in the garage to put them back out into the flower beds. So, I just did some hand-wringing and pleading for them to find their way back outside from whence they came. Not many did apparently, from the remains I cleaned up yesterday.

  2. ncmountainwoman

    Loved both the comic strips. Our Asheville newspaper has comics I hadn’t seen in years, including Mary Worth. Our local paper has no comics at all. But the Letters to the Editors section is a great substitute.

  3. Arkansas Patti

    I have a huge flock of robins that keep earth worms from moving anywhere except thru the digestive track. Hope there is a logical reason.
    Thanks for the links. I will go check them out now.

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