What? Me Worry?

Two of our children had birthdays last week.  Children doesn’t feel like the appropriate word for responsible, mature individuals out living productive lives way out from under any parental wings.  (Heck, they don’t even live in the same state.)

Offspring sounds a bit clinical.  Kids?   I still have my stretch mark souvenirs, so I’ll stick with children.  Big ones.

The thing is, they’re all grown up.  No more concerns that they’ll be jumping off the roof, riding a skateboard pulled by a Doberman, or getting a hand stuck in a gum ball machine any longer.  Nope, they’re out in the world making solid, intelligent decisions every day.

No need to worry about our kids once they’re grown. . .  right?

My daughter-in-law recently sent back these pictures from Bermuda, where she and our son spent a few days.

That guy contemplating the bad decision looks suspiciously familiar.

Image 4

Image 2

Image 3Gulp.


“Don’t worry about a thing. . . ’cause every little thing gonna be alright.”

– Bob Marley

“There’s no point in being a grownup if you can’t be childish sometimes.” 

– Dr. Who




21 thoughts on “What? Me Worry?

  1. Yes, we never stop worrying about our children, no matter how “mature” they are! It looked like a beautiful vacation spot!

  2. Thanks. You just ruined my fantasy that my teen would outgrow this stage. As for what to call your kids I just read a neighborhood forum where the conversation became heated and one of the commenters referred to the other commenters children as spawn. He took offense. However, someone else piped up and said the word spawn was not offensive. To which he replied, “I do not introduce my children as my spawn and I am willing to bet you don’t introduce your children that way either. . .” He had a point. :-D.

  3. ncmountainwoman

    Another benefit of having grown-up children. You have no idea what they’ve been up to until you see the photographs. And know they are safe.

    1. Nancy

      You are lucky! I am a mom of 4 adult sons and they seem to get a kick out of sending me text messages right before they do something crazy! I finally told them to STOP the texts and just send pictures showing me they were safe.😁

  4. Arkansas Patti

    They never fail to find a way to add grey to our heads. The good thing is that you found out after the fact and know all were well. Hopefully they don’t try that with face time.

  5. This explains why I seem to have coped better when they were 2 and 5 than I am now that they are 17 and 20. And why I am drinking more wine. I already knew they were the source of my gray hair.

  6. I see others have made sure you know that the parental worry switch NEVER gets turned off. The best we can do is be UNinformed of impending danger. And if we must be informed, only after the event has passed and the danger abated.

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