Don’t. Even. Ask.

The Evidence:

1.  Cherry tree.

2.  Chain saw.

3.  Duct tape.


George Washington?  Chain Saw Massacre?

I told you. . . best not to ask.

“I’m telling you, the gorgeous of the world can actually look pretty intimidating when they scowl. Imagine a snow-white swan with a scary tattoo holding a chain saw. There’s just no way to really prepare for that.”

― Jim Benton, Okay, So Maybe I Do Have Superpowers

14 thoughts on “Don’t. Even. Ask.

    1. john lee

      It was a highly complex operation so it needed to be done when the woman was not home. It required balancing a ladder on a root and a rock; therefore normal lumbering techniques like pruning and undercutting before the main cut could not be exercised. Time was of the essence; the ladder was teetering. A one cut option was selected which resulted in the limb being cut down successfully, but a little messy. It pulled off a foot of bark. Checks with a local arborist as well as the internet confirm 1. I was stupid 2. but my repair methods are excellent, finishing nails also used. Other limbs removed without incident, if you don’t count the rhododendron inconveniently situated directly below one of the limbs. DB

      1. ncmountainwoman

        Man on a teetering ladder holding a chainsaw? Yep. Definitely a job when you are there alone without the wife.

  1. dirtwom

    I once wrapped a Band-Aid around a broken branch on a bottlebrush buckeye. I dug it from a friends’ garden and broke it trying to transplant it. :-0. It is now about 12 feet tall and 20 feet wide. But, really, what happened to your tree???!!!

  2. Well, at least the duct tape is on the tree and not on the man…I think. Of course, there’s no photographic evidence of the man’s still being intact.

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