Owl on the Prowl

Perhaps it has been Dearly Beloved’s attempts to recreate the dry rub ribs from The Rendezvous that has put us to thinking lately about our years in Memphis.  We loved our house there and our street was a wonderful mix of interesting neighbors.

We have, luckily, friends and relatives in that area with whom we’ve stayed in touch.  Lately, our conversations have centered around the same subject:  OWLS.  Not just owls in general, but the strange attack owls of East Memphis.

After seeing my brother’s owl photos on BroJoe’s World, my friend Sharon sent me pictures of the owls nesting behind her house.

Image 4

Image 8

My cousin lives in that same area, and when I asked her had she seen the birds, she sent a news article which told of some pretty strange happenings around there.

An early-morning jogger had reported that he was attacked from behind–slammed in the head by an owl.  It hit him again–also without warning–a few minutes later.  The bloodied guy reported, “It had the wingspan of a Buick.”  

A couple of weeks later, that same runner was smacked again. His hasn’t been the only report; early morning joggers never know when they’re going to be struck.  One victim said that the owl took his cap and i-Pod.   Even the county district attorney said that she’d been attacked.

A driver reported that an owl hit his BMW.  The man stood nearby, wondering what he should do.  The owl lay dazed for a while, then flew away.

Because the owl is silent and glides into its victims from behind, there is no warning.  No one is certain whether it’s only one owl on the prowl or more.

Pretty darned creepy!

My friend sent one more photo.  Look carefully.

Image 5

An owlet!   Could that explain the thuggish behavior going on there?

Whooo knows?!












7 thoughts on “Owl on the Prowl

  1. Arkansas Patti

    He/she must have a nest near by. Smaller birds will do the same thing but they don’t pack the wallop of a Buick:)) They do eat squirrels don’t they??

  2. The Owl pictures are wonderful. I would not like to run a fowl of one! I’ve seen them hunt and those bodies and beaks are formidable. Very creepy! They DO EAT squirrels. And it’s a very clean take-out.
    I lived for one very long year in Memphis- Germantown (I think) Hard place for 20 something single gal to fit in. I did like the Peabody for brunch, and Graceland was fun!

  3. That is a beautiful owl. And I had no idea you had lived in my hometown Memphis!

    I have yet to see one of these beauties (or be attacked by one), though I occasionally do hear them at night, as one of my recent blog posts attests.

  4. We have an owl box in an old horse chestnut tree but I think it has been taken over by a grey squirrel. I’d give anything to know that I had owls breeding in my garden.

  5. ncmountainwoman

    Did you see that Princes William and Harry dined at the Rendezvous? And you might tell DB that he can order their special rub and sauces. Of course it is more creative and challenging to come up with it on his own.

  6. When I was taking health science classes at a community college in Calif. (many moons ago) one of the students, a girl, was attacked like this while she was walking to her car in the parking lot. From what we could tell, the owl would perch on a light standard and dive bomb people. I’m sure there must have been a nest somewhere that it was protecting. My daughter here in Texas had to deter some swallows from nesting under the eaves of her porch because they did the same thing last spring. But getting whomped upside the head by an owl must be a lot worse…

  7. WHat great pics! I love owls. We had a Barred Owl visit our garden in British Columbia on a nightly basis. Then I realized all the goldfish in our pond were disappearing….

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