Kudos to the Weather Forecaster

It’s a snow day here and it’s lovely, a fairyland of white.  Our Southern yard is a winter wonderland, except for a little yellow snow-writing compliments of Scout-the-wonder-dog, and even that will be covered soon because the snow is still falling.

Thanks to Accu-weather, we knew it was coming.  Schools were closed, appointments were changed.   Forecasters are saying we could get 6 to 10 inches.  It’s definitely stay-at-home weather.

Like most areas of the South, our city doesn’t have enough snow plows to keep traffic moving.  They salt the bridges and the busiest streets before the snow starts, then the machinery they have is concentrated on the bridges and the main streets.  They won’t get to the residential streets.  Smart people wait it out.

The weather forecasters gave us plenty of notice, so folks were able to head to the supermarkets to strip the shelves of bread and milk.  Our neighborhood hardware store reported that they sold 300 sleds in 45 minutes yesterday morning.

Dearly Beloved and I made our preparations well in advance of the storm.  There was no urgency for bread and milk.  I baked cookies.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Each of us had our own priorities for survival.

I heeded the call for a Cab and headed to the store:


Dearly Beloved chose to order his survival gear via Amazon.  The package arrived today, just ahead of the storm:


No joke.

I should have baked more cookies.

–    –   –   –   –   –   –

“He was in a fairy kingdom where everything was possible.
He looked up at the sky. And the sky was a fairy realm like the earth. It was clearing, and over the tops of the trees clouds were swiftly sailing as if unveiling the stars.”
― Leo Tolstoy


9 thoughts on “Kudos to the Weather Forecaster

  1. we are officially iced in down here in Atlanta….this time everybody was smart and stayed home..power went out and the whole neighborhood didn’t have the sense to call the electric company to report the outage…they just all assumed we were suppose to have a power outage…Oy…..how are things up by you….

    1. Gee, I would have thought the power company could spot a neighborhood outage. Don’t they have Siri? 🙂 Good luck, Sue! I hope you’ll be lit soon. If the power company doesn’t do it, try wine.

  2. ncmountainwoman

    Heavy snow here and it’s STILL SNOWING!!! We’re also stocked with wine, books, and movies. War and Peace? I am totally impressed.

    1. The dog won’t stay with him while he practices his guitar and banjo, but she likes to be near him when he reads. Looks like she’ll have him close by for a long time.

      I’ll ask him to do a book report.

  3. I wondered how you were doing! We only had some freezing drizzle—hardly enough to put in your eye, as my mother used to say. It looks like you’re well stocked, though. If they find DB’s frozen body (with banjo) in the snow, we won’t say a word. hehehe

  4. I love a good rainy day at home…. I can imagine a beautiful, out of the ordinary snow day. Like heaven if you don’t have to be anywhere. I hope you guys reallly enjoyed yourselves.


  5. Sounds like perfect planning. I love our weather man Tom Skilling. He is very accurate and gives great weather… advice. The important thing is tp pay attention. We had so many cars stuck on Lake Shore Drive in 2011 because Chicagoans refuse to believe. Bread and Milk? I don’t get it. We buy little bottle of cokes, little hot dogs, and crescent rolls. I have staples like popcorn, frozen pizza and of-course we have milk and mini marshmallows for hot chocolate. I make cookies. A blizzard is great fun if you use common sense. War and Peace? Not quite on my radar.

  6. I love how Americans prepare for blizzards (cuz I’ve seen this in other American friends!) Booze and snack foods. It’s brilliant! Why haven’t we figured this out? I usually just bring in more firewood or fill a bathtub. 😉

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