Remotely Controlled

Ever since we returned from our trip to Mississippi where we saw the Ole Miss/Arkansas football game, my interest in college football has moved upward a teensy-weensy bit– a silly millimeter or so.  That means I still read a book while Dearly Beloved watches the games, but I now do it in the same room with him.  Sweet compromise!  That is how I happened to see “the play of the century” (so he tells me) in the last second of Alabama/Auburn game.

It’s also how I saw enough of the Ole Miss/Mississippi State game to realize it bore no resemblance to the team we saw play in Oxford when we were there.  No matter–I was still engrossed in Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch— but Ole Miss fans thinking “big bowl” must have been horrified. 

Still, it reminded me that I never posted any pictures of the actual game we attended.   It would be like reading last month’s newspaper, so I won’t do that, but I do want to share a few more shots from that day.  You can see that we had terrific seats!


Those seats across the way weren’t empty very long.


Nor were the ones in the end zone.

I confess that I did some people-watching during the game, starting with the four generations of an Ole Miss family in front of us.  The petite family matriarch, called “Big Nancy,” had a mop of white curls while her equally white-haired but larger daughter who sat next to her– “Little Nancy”–sported a straight bob.  (Nancy, incidentally, is not their real name.)   Big Nancy’s great grandsons sat next to her.

Big Nancy knew her football and kept jumping up to cheer.  Once when she stood to shake her pompoms, she turned back, gave us a radiant smile, and drawled,  “Honey, I know y’all wish I was made of glass.”

It cracked me up.  We had no complaints. Besides, the guy with the red baseball cap turned backwards probably blocked her view.

Image 21

Meanwhile, back in our den, the remote control operator flips between college basketball and college football.  I am a sucker for Christmas movies, however, and the Hallmark Channel, Lifetime Movie Network, and a couple more networks are churning them out like potato chips.   DB and I have worked out a compromise:  I record them while he’s watching sports and he acknowledges that he does not have to watch and referee every game.  AND, he doesn’t leave the room when I watch my holiday movies,  although I hesitate to say he’s actually watching them with me.

The movies make me downright festive!  I suppose the games do the same for him.

Hotty toddy?  Sure!  Make it hot buttered rum.


4 thoughts on “Remotely Controlled

  1. Love Hallmark Holiday movies. Sounds like a fair compromise as been worked out. The Goldfinch was so good! Pretty impressive that you can say you saw the play of the century!

  2. NCMountainwoman

    Those new sports packages give them an unfair advantage of checking on several games at once. We solved our conflict by using different rooms. When he’s upstairs watching sports I’m somewhere else reading. Unless, of course the Packers are playing.

  3. Have you let Lin know that you are slinking closer, and closer to being a college football fan?
    OMG, that Auburn/Alabama game in the last minute was wild!

    I am planning to cheer on the Auburn Tigers )SEC) against the Florida State Seminoles. Should be a great game.

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