Wall of WOW!

One of the local sites used several times in the Showtime series, Homeland, is Queens University, which sits smack in the middle of our neighborhood.   Although the buildings are contained pretty much within a single city block, around 2400 students attend classes here.

The huge old trees and seasonal plantings, as well as the cohesive traditional architecture,  help blend the site into the surrounding residential area.  The administration’s commitment to art adds to the charm and cultural interest of the campus.

Perhaps the most well-known piece is a sculpture by Anna Hyatt Huntington:  a young Diana, located in a courtyard and not visible from the street.  Diana was the unofficial mascot when Queens was a women’s college.

However, a more visible statue, a rather whimsical depiction of one of the old ladies of the neighborhood walking her dog, situated just off the main sidewalk, is one that always makes me smile.  I confess that my eyes are always drawn to her bosom.


I tried to get Scout the wonder dog to pose with them, but she refused.

There are a number of contemporary pieces, like this one near the Rogers Science Building.  Although the building has been open less than a year, it looks as if it has been there for decades.


Since its exterior closely resembles the School of Business building at the other end of the block, there were concerns that this new facility would look too stark and new.  BUT… a very clever art installation added to the south wall before the facility was even completed changed that.

Image 4

(The Crowder family donated funds for the project.)

Image 5

Alas, all these photos were taken on a cloudy day, but here’s a closeup shot to give you an idea of the texture and color variations.:


Image 1

Go HERE and then click on Time Lapse at the top.    It shows the fascinating construction process.

Pretty spectacular, huh?

Anyone up for trying it at home?


8 thoughts on “Wall of WOW!

  1. Janice Wagar

    The green wall is amazing. I’m a big fan of Homeland so I’ll have to keep an eye out for Charotte scenes.

  2. Arkansas Patti

    Ha ha, I glanced there first also. Sadly I can relate.
    That green wall is amazing. Very impressive.

  3. Those boobs look like man boobs.

    I love the vertical garden, very skilled and highly accomplished work.

    So, when I watch Homeland Sunday evening, will I see you hiding somewhere behind a tree?

  4. At first glance, I thought the vertical planting depicted a sperm cell wiggling its way up the wall. I blame it on the old gal’s boobs—on the statue, not mine. Although, there is a similarity…

  5. The green wall is a terrific idea. And love the sculpture of the elderly gal walking her dog. And yes…those boobs do make a statement…although I am not quite sure what! Really enjoyed your post with my morning cuppa tea.

  6. NCMountainwoman

    I love local art. I had friends who went to Queens. (Back when it was Queens College.) Lovely little campus.

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