Dem Bones

Scout the wonder dog and I walked around some of the side streets around here to check out the Halloween decorations.  You’d think the entire neighborhood was built on an ancient burial ground.

Image 21IMG_0857

Image 13

Apparently, bus service is slow around here.


Witches have been practicing their landings with mixed results.

Image 28

Scout was undaunted by this spook…

Image 1

Or this. . .

Image 14

But a black cat with moving parts made her jump at least three feet off the ground.

Image 45

I’d have gotten closer for a better photo, but Scout was having none of it.  Just know that it’s head moves and it’s eyes light up.

Not everyone chooses to decorate.  Frank N. Stein’s house didn’t even have a pumpkin.

Image 29

The colors of autumn are so lovely, I’m partial to this:


This is a big house and they always decorate in a big way.  You can’t see the strange animal to the right of the walk.  It could be a headless horseman.  Could be a jackass piñata.

Image 3

There were many, many more.  This is a great place to be in the fall!  Let’s give them all a big hand.

Image 1


10 thoughts on “Dem Bones

  1. Arkansas Patti

    Wow, all we have in my area are a few stained sheets on a pole. Those were really clever. As a kid I think Frank would have scared me the most. Spooky.

  2. NCMountainwoman

    I love it when folks go all out decorating for Halloween. There’s no such thing as tacky Halloween decorations so let the fun begin.

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