Yogurt for Yoga?

Sometimes I play a game with our oldest grandson when my Dearly Beloved and I go out to eat.  I’ll send Grandson a photo of the dishes we ordered and ask him to guess which one was ordered by whom.  Here are the choices from last time:

Image 9  Image 10








He always guesses correctly,  I’m embarrassed to say.

This morning we decided to check out the new breakfast place in the neighborhood.   I love big breakfasts;  big, hot breakfasts cooked by someone else.   Since no one in this house is a hot breakfast lover–or cooker–besides me, it isn’t a meal we go out for very often.  Today, cool and overcast with a fine drizzle, seemed like a perfect time.

We thought there wouldn’t be many customers, since the restaurant opened only recently with little fanfare, but holy moly, there were enough eaters in there to have a quorum for a town meeting.  Oddly, there was not a single cellphone in sight.  People were actually talking to the folks they were with–even the families with teenagers.

I ordered a traditional breakfast fit for a truck driver while DB chose some kind of healthy granola/quinoa/nut/fruit/coconut milk/yogurt combination.   Mine was a nice portion, but DB’s arrived in a bowl large enough to feed a yoga class.   We’ll definitely go back.

The funny thing was, when we walked out of the restaurant, there was a yoga class–right  in the middle of the street.


They worked around the puddles on the pavement.

Image 6

We watched for only a few minutes.  It was making me hungry.


6 thoughts on “Yogurt for Yoga?

  1. I have been thinking about yoga latterly,seriously, I need to consider taking a yoga class. I am starting to creak.

    I am all about the delicious breakfast big, and hearty-that is how I roll.


  2. I would feel like that woman wearing the purple shirt in the lower LH corner of that last photo…..awkward and unable to keep up. I think I strained a muscle just looking at the pictures.

    1. That’s why yoga is so great—you aren’t supposed to look just like your neighbor (if you have a good teacher who understands that.) Everyone practices at their own level. Wherever you are right now with your flexibility, etc., is just where you’re supposed to be. We had an 86-year-old lady in our class who used props like the chairs in the photo to help her with the poses. But she was there doing her best. I should be so lucky at her age!

  3. Arkansas Patti

    Gosh, no cell phones?? Unbelievable. I am all for signal cancelling locations like theaters, restaurants, churches, etc. Outside yoga seems like a novel idea though not sure I would feel comfortable being so exposed to the critique of passersby.

  4. SUSHI!! Yes!!!!!
    In the summer, they have yoga classes on the grounds in front of Parliament Hill in Ottawa at luncthime. I wonder sometimes if the Prime Minister ever watches…

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