Scenes of Charleston

We spent a couple of days sightseeing in Charleston, SC last week, mostly to see family, but we did get to the downtown area one afternoon to mosey around.  We walked down to Battery Park and back, far enough to give me shin splints, although 6-year-old Elmo took the same route with no difficulty.  In fact, his journey was much longer because he frequently raced ahead to the corner, then back to us, then back to the corner, etc. until we finally arrived there, too.   Not to mention that he climbed trees, poles, fences, cannons, bandstands, and even made a lunge at George Washington before Granddad intervened.

The rest of us were wearing our sensible walking shoes.  Elmo wore flip-flops.

We passed the guinea fowl, which announced our arrival with their strange calls.  A young man nearby said they’d been living in that area for over 100 years, but the articles I found online say that a couple of them just flew into town one day and hung around.   When you see the place, you can understand why they liked it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(Watch that video link above because it offers a chance to wander, thanks to The Lee Bros.,  through one of the mysterious iron gates and see the lovely garden inside.)

I won’t even try to show you my photos of the houses or the wonderful shops.  (You can look at these by much better photographers.)  Instead, I’ll show you a few scenes that you may not see elsewhere.


Thou shall not park here.  Seriously.


The classic Charleston boot.

There were cobblestones. . .


And headstones. . . .


Two of the signers of the Declaration of Independence are buried there.  The Handicap Parking sign was mystifying, since it was inside the fence.

Here’s another one:


A headstone with my brother’s head.

There were pretty windows. . .


And pretty strange windows. . . .

Image 7This sign–with the same spelling–was in more than one window, so of course, my imagination ran faster than Elmo’s sprints to the corner.  Remolding.

Surely not this:black_mold

Crown?  Dentil? Toe?  Chair rail?  Wood? Stone? Polystyrene?

Making cheese?

One day we ate lunch on Daniel Island.  Right beside the restaurant was this sign:

Image 8

We took it seriously.  Didn’t want us–or the alligators–to get the boot.


I’m going back to dignity and grace. I’m going back to Charleston, where I belong.  — Rhett Butler, in 1939 movie, “Gone with the Wind


16 thoughts on “Scenes of Charleston

  1. Arkansas Patti

    Oh no shin splints, they are so painful. That boot sure clashed with that guy’s mid-life crisis mobile and those cobble stone streets look so neat. Looks like a fun city to visit.

  2. I love the picture of the guinea fowl. My uncle bought 6 of them when I was a kid and he didn’t know what to do with them? Do we breed them? Did we get co-ed flock? We didn’t know.

  3. Always have loved the charm of Charleston. Those cobbled streets? I fell and broke an arm on one last time I was there. Shouldn’t have been wearing heels while walking home from dinner.

    1. Whoa! Those rocks did look serious; I didn’t walk down any of those streets. I know someone else who fell and seriously injured herself in Charleston. Hope you were pleased with the medical care.

  4. NCMountainwoman

    I love Charleston. Except in mid-summer. Then it’s one of the hottest cities around. I think it’s even hotter than Atlanta. Don’t you wish you could bottle the energy of a healthy six-year-old?

    1. Sooo right about the heat. Columbia SC is the very worst, I think.

      That’s the same 6-year-old who has broken an arm three times. Impossible to harness than energy, not to mention the fearlessness.

  5. I’ve never been to Charleston but I would love too! Cobbled streets charming if you don’t have to walk down them. Guinea fowl cool birds! Sounds like you had a great trip. Thanks for sharing your adventure!

  6. What a great trip and beautiful city! As for the handicapped parking sign inside the cemetery, Halloween is coming up so maybe it was meant for elderly witches.

    You know, “Witches’ Parking ~~ Violators Will Be Toad.” Bada-bum, ching!

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  8. I want an “Alligators may live here” sign for our farm!!! And yay, a GUINEA HEN! Ours are hilarious (and very loud!) (And yes, I am catching up on blog reading today. :))

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