Apolitical? Uh Oh.

One of the shopping centers in our area is getting an extensive facelift.  Since the parking lot is being redesigned, too, detours make driving to certain stores a real challenge.

As each store exterior is being refaced, construction workers fence off areas when as necessary so that customers won’t get bopped by falling construction materials or errant hammers on their way in or out.

The hardware store is being renovated right now.  That means that the usual loading zone in front of the store has become a no-entry, no-man’s land.

The folks there certainly have a sense of humor about the situation.

Image 1 - Version 2

A fool and his money are soon elected.
Will Rogers


9 thoughts on “Apolitical? Uh Oh.

    1. Me, too. AND their popcorn! They have a popcorn machine inside so that their customers can serve themselves a bag of free popcorn. The sign says that over 1,000,000 bags have been served. I doubt that they’re exaggerating, just based on the number of bags my Dearly Beloved and I have munched on there.

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