Paparazzi R Us

To say that Dearly Beloved and I have minimal photography skills would be overstating our talent.

Dearly Beloved jumped into photography some years ago with a very pricey 35mm camera and additional zoom lens that allowed him to read the Do Not Leave Children Unattended sign in the shopping cart across the parking lot from the camera store.  Nevertheless, after his first attempt –36 nearly identical pictures of a cardinal– where all we could see was a red dot on a tree branch, he lost interest.  The camera, interestingly enough, broke itself in the closet and the manufacturer went out of business, so the camera and the extra lens are permanently relegated to the dark back corner of hall closet hell.

Never mind.  Now DB has an iPhone.  He’d sooner go somewhere without underwear than be without his phone, so he takes pictures with that.  (The phone, I mean.)

After I began taking pictures with my own phone, I thought it was faulty because all my pictures were pink and blurry.  Turned out that was my finger over the lens.  I also have dozens (unintended) of photos of my knees, the floor, my car dashboard.

The HBO series, Homeland, a show I’ve never seen because we don’t have HBO, has become a source of great interest to me because it’s filmed mostly in our area.  I’ve seen the Homeland trucks at the neighborhood shopping mall and other sites around town, but   most often,  I’ve seen them a couple of blocks up our own street.

At first I thought it was a one-time thing.  Their trailers fill the across-the-street parking lot of the big church on the corner and spill over onto street parking.  Besides the lovely sanctuary building, the church has a large lawn as well as a wooded natural area, and a large fitness center building.  The nearby university offers even more location possibilities.  I understand they use one of the neighborhood houses, too.

Our son is a big fan of the series and I thought perhaps some of you might be also, so I set out to capture an up-close view of the filming.  It has not gone well.   For instance. . .

Image 10


The one on the left was one of my first attempts.  I took it from inside my car on a rainy day.    That’s not a pink umbrella–it’s my pinky.  The other photo?  Why, I took that one today.  I walked up to the church and took my regular camera to prevent any pinky shots.  Technically, I succeeded, since that’s my thumb, instead.  The striped thing is my shirt.   (Feel free to click on these to enlarge.  It’s too embarrassing to post them full size.)

Walter Brennan used to sing (cue the guitars, boys) that “It Takes a Heap of Living To Make a House a Home” and I’m here to tell you (stop the music) that it takes a lot of trucks to make an episode of Homeland:  food and catering trucks, tractor-trailer trucks, rental trucks, as well as  a bunch of trailers.

Image 7 Image 9 Image 11


In the episode they’ve been filming recently, they turned the church fitness center building into  this:  Image 14 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

When I took this picture today, the front grounds were full of children, kiddy pools, and sprinklers.  Either they weren’t filming out there or the Idylwood Rehabilitation center did one heck of a job, Brownie.


DB, knowing of my interest, has often called to tell me whenever he saw trucks at the church and sometimes sent back a picture on his walks.Image 1

One day he called from the car and said, “They’re filming outside today.  I think I see Claire Danes’ blond hair.!  I’ll take a picture and send it to you and the kids.”

Without further fanfare. . . .

Image 10

Oh yeah.  Nailed it!  Are we a team or what?!

Check the trees while you’re looking.  I’ll bet there’s a cardinal in one of them.


8 thoughts on “Paparazzi R Us

  1. Pat

    I love Claire Danes!

    I use to see a lot of film crews in New York City. It makes a lot of revenue for the area, with caterung, etc, etc. It is amazing how long it takes to make a few minute shot.

    Hope you are having a good summer, Maty Lee! My days are spent babysitting 🙂

  2. You’re watching Homeland being filmed?
    Go and learn to operate a camera (I don’t care about fancy-schmancy) this minute.
    I love Homeland.
    Tell me which city?

  3. Arkansas Patti

    Maybe you should rent season one from Netflix or one of those places.I would have to. Goodness, right in your neighborhood. How interesting.
    I think we went to the same camera class.

  4. So, your area is a stand in for DC?
    As for not having HBO, you can probably rent a season of Homeland and watch on your DVD. It is probably the best show on cable right now….well, not right now, but when it’s on. They’ll have to finish filming before it’s on again for a new season.

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