Strawberry Fields for…? NEVER!

The strawberry patch is coming out as fast as I can dig.

The only strawberries that have graced our cereal are the ones I bought at the farmer’s market.  There are simply too many thieving critters in our vicinity.  The squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, snails, slugs, and birds have conspired to leave our granola un-berried.  In fact, the berries have been disappearing faster than ever even though Scout-the-Wonder-Dog has been on guard duty.


Yesterday, as Dearly Beloved and I watched in amazement, we caught the culprit in action.

We were not expecting this. . . !


The fox has been guarding the hen-house.


12 thoughts on “Strawberry Fields for…? NEVER!

  1. Arkansas Patti

    That is hilarious. He loves his berries. Maybe I need to be watching Mighty out by my strawberries. I have been blaming the birds.

  2. We had the very same experience. We were pleased that the moment the door was open in the morning, Margot would race to the the strawberry patch! We thought she was chasing squirrels! She also liked currants, fortunately red ones only. As long as she was alive, the fruit crops were rather meager!

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