The Perils of Pol-LEN

Even on a rainy day, springtime is lovely in our back yard.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Today’s rain washed pollen into yellow puddles on the driveway, a clue to the source of my morning headache and clogged ears.


Speaking of headaches, here’s another one that wonder dog Scout called to my attention:


Yes, the little bastard is standing ON the squirrel baffle.


Now THIS is just plain cocky!  The sumbitch is rubbing our noses in the fact that WE’RE the ones who are baffled.


This aggression will not stand, man.

– The Dude, The Big Lebowski

(Also George Bush in 1990, sort of.)


12 thoughts on “The Perils of Pol-LEN

  1. Time for Scout the wonder pup to have a job. Remind Scout to chase not to catch and capture occurs…KILL IT. Take no prisoners. If you do have a capture and not kill..Speak to the Kitchen Witch about her hamster…she can help you pass on some instructions to your DB.

    1. We have an acquaintance who traps them and takes them to a wooded park far, far away from his house. Once, as he dumped out another load, an observer sarcastically asked, “Do you have a trapping license to do that?”

      He was delighted to be able to say, “Why, yes. . . I do!” as he reached in his pocket for the paper. Well worth the ten bucks, he says.

      At last count, his yard had about 250 fewer squirrels. Unfortunately, the park where he dumps them is not that far from OUR house. That’s why I’m referring to him an acquaintance instead of a friend. A FRIEND would take them well into SC. 🙂

    1. He was supposed to say THIS AGGRESSION WILL NOT STAND, but he just sat there! I took him off and just put the quote, but couldn’t change it on the subscriptions. However, at least four members of my family can quote ‘most any line in the movie (while the rest of us cover our ears.) In fact, one of them goes to annual Lebowski conventions. Dearly Beloved is known as Elder Dude amongst the Lebowski-ites in the family. I am, of course, his Special Lady. 🙂

    1. I think she could catch them if they didn’t hear the back door opening. I don’t know what she’d DO if she caught one though. She doesn’t have a trapper’s license.

    1. I like it. Maybe my kids will give me one for Mother’s Day… so I won’t be teaching the grandsons any more new words when I look out the window and spy one. HOWEVER, we bought what we were told was a squirrel proof one–when they (or even a heavy bird) landed on the perch, the feeder was supposed to close. That’s the one the sumbitch is lying on. He chewed the perch so that it doesn’t work any more.

  2. that’s why I love your blog your not afraid to call wildlife bastards…..we finally sold the other house over in the hood and the Boss said he was surprised that a squirrel was not present at the closing because he’s sure there are a few dead ones up in the attic and he thought they would have a representative there to collect on their share of the house…

  3. Oh, those squirrels can JUMP, no problemo! You need a taller pole. 🙂

    Sorry about your pollen perils. My honey bees are jealous and so am I, since we had a winter storm yesterday and there is still snow on the ground.

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