No Pot to P. In

One of the things I refused to leave behind when we sold the beach house-not-on-the-beach was a very large planter that sat in the front yard near the bay window.  I loved that pot.  At first it was planted with red geraniums along with a little spiky plant and a little drooping plant and was quite striking.  Because we weren’t there regularly enough for me to keep it watered steadily, the geraniums soon succumbed and the spiky plant kept spiking and the drooping plant kept drooping and the two have remained in the pot for more than a decade, with no help from me, thank you.


When we moved, the heavy pot arrived here intact, although I’m not sure the movers’ backs were as lucky.  I could hardly wait for warm weather so that I could put something pretty in it and give it a prime location in the garden.

I’ve had flowering plants from the nursery waiting in the wings for a couple of weeks now and I decided that Sunday was the big day. I got out my little trowel.  Hah!  I couldn’t cut through the roots enough to even get past the surface.  “Root-bound” doesn’t begin to cover it.  Root-bound and determined.

I pulled Dearly Beloved away from all of his new power tools to enlist his help.

What I said was, “Will you get those plants out of that pot so that I can plant something else in it.”


What he heard was, “Get that plant out of there, whatever it takes.” 

He turned the pot on its side and cut the roots that were growing out of the bottom.  He yanked and tugged.  The plant didn’t move.

“Don’t worry about the plants, just don’t break the pot.”  I said nervously.  

He grabbed a shovel.  Not a trowel–a full-size shovel.

“Don’t break the pot,”  I said again.

He gave me an expression just two degrees short of an eye roll and began chopping at the plant with the shovel.

Don’t break the pot.”

A small chunk of the pot rim flew off.


The plant suddenly pulled free.


Hey, all was not lost.  I still have this “lovely” plant without so much as a broken root.


Feel free to make an offer.


7 thoughts on “No Pot to P. In

  1. You and I should do a comedy routine about our husbands….this is as bad as my “Moose” incident when I stood in the foyer with the Boss balancing the 50 pound Moose on his shoulders with me telling him “There’s no way you can hang that 12 feet up on that wall your going to drop it”…..Nah….he’s a manly man…He’s hanging that thing no matter what…and the no matter what would be to drop it half way up on it’s nose damaging it beyond repair…When I told him the 100 year old Moose is valued on the internet at $4,000.00 I got the blame for not checking that out
    before he tried to hang it alone…..gotta love em….

  2. Oh. I am so sorry! And My Odd Family may have a good idea- that Liquid Cement stuff may work and you could have the drape-y plants strategically hanging over the cracks…..

  3. NCMountainwoman

    Water and pruning shears. Water and pruning shears. Gently, easy. Water and pruning shears.

    Thank goodness DB’s gas-powered chain saw hasn’t arrived. Although it surely wouldn’t have made for a much worse outcome. Sorry you lost your pot. (If it makes you feel better, with Congress going the way it is, we all will lose our pots before it’s over.)

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