Elvis Eve

The calendar may not show it, but today is Elvis Eve, since Elvis was born on January 8.  My birthday, however, is today.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the birthday greetings–cards, calls, Facebook messages, notes from family, friends, fellow bloggers.  Thank you, all!

This one is from my brother:

Happy Birthday, Sister... BroJoe
Happy Birthday, Sister… BroJoe

I photographed this one from our kindergarten grandson so that I could carry it around with me all the time.  They don’t get more special than this.

Inside message
Inside message

13 thoughts on “Elvis Eve

  1. steffiw

    Fantastic Mary,got something going on with one of your legs there:)loving the bright colours…exactly how I imagined you look in your garden..seriously a little treasure from a little treasure xxxx

  2. Arkansas Patti

    Aww, that drawing would put a lump in your throat. Flowers, bell bottoms and great smiles. Loved Bro Joe’s clever one also.
    Happy Birthday gal. Hope you were properly spoiled.

  3. Oops, I am a day late to the party. But, I hope you will still accept some birthday wishes–hope is was indeed MERRY!
    As for Elvis Eve–yes, I noticed that. And was once again reminded that when I was but a mere teen, I–unlike almost all of my contemporaries–didn’t like Elvis. Instead, I liked Ricky Nelson. Really.

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