The Conehead Saga

‘Nuff said.



12 thoughts on “The Conehead Saga

  1. Libby Neves

    Been there with a Bassett Hound years ago. She had a hard time getting through doorways . Pitiful.
    Oh, yes, and our white Tom cat , Henry, hid under the house for two weeks in the blazing summer with an Elizabethan Collar. What did he drink? He never would say.
    How might one work for a person? Diet? Alcohol treatment? Cure for the down hearted? Cure for those stuck in the past?
    Keep Your Head Up!

  2. Arkansas Patti

    What an adorable shirt and I do hope poor Miss Piggy is cone free now. It has to inhibit her favorite pastime of eating–food and other things.
    Wishing you all a happy, healthy and cone free 2013.

  3. juliechurch

    I guess there is a shirt for every situation! Happy New Year! I look forward to all your posts in 2013!

  4. Ah. I know your pain. And Miss Piggy’s. Our Ziava was thus attired–but she got the hang of it: stopped bumping into doors, learned how to eat food and drink water. And LOVED sleeping on the couch since her crate was inaccessible.

  5. Poor doggy. I can only imagine having an itch and not being able to get to it-ugh. May his cone be gone soon!

    Happy New Year! Looking forward to enjoying all your posts.


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