Happy Birthday, Senor Senior

Today is my Dearly Beloved’s birthday, so it is only fitting that it would be a national holiday.

This photo is so typical of the two of us because we usually find that it takes both our brains working together to get through the day.   We repeat ourselves to each other often.  Dementia checks, DB calls them… little tests to see if the other one remembers hearing it before.

His eyeglasses and my watch have become so clever at hiding that it takes a search party of two to find them.   We know each other as well… perhaps better… than we know ourselves.

The grandsons usually come up with some most creative birthday greetings to mark this momentous occasion.

Check out this gem.

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Senor Senior

  1. Happy birthday to the dearly beloved and stick with the duo part. It makes life lots easier.
    Getting old would be no fun otherwise.

  2. All wonderful people were born on October 8th…..today is my birthday and also my daughters…all good people except for Matt Damon…..Happy Birthday to Mr. DB!!

  3. NCMountainwoman

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DB!!! Great card from the grandson. I think he has given you permission to continue to do senior pranks. Here’s hoping you always remain a senior and never graduate. Life’s better that way.

  4. Happy Birthday to your DB. Love the card and the picture. My favorite joke about a husband and wife growing senior together. (it’s an oldie but a goodie.)
    Couple in their nineties are both having problems
    remembering things.
    During a checkup, the doctor tells them that they’re
    physically okay, but
    they might want to start writing things down to help
    them remember.
    Later that night, while watching TV, the old man gets
    up from his chair.
    “Want anything while I’m in the kitchen?” he asks.
    “Will you get me a bowl of ice cream?”
    “Don’t you think you should write it down so you can
    remember it?” she asks.
    “No, I can remember it.”
    “Well, I’d like some strawberries on top, too.
    Maybe you should write it down, so’s not to forget
    He says, “I can remember that. You want a bowl of ice
    cream with strawberries.”
    “I’d also like whipped cream. I’m certain you’ll
    forget that, write it down?” she asks.
    Irritated, he says, “I don’t need to write it down, I
    can remember it! Ice cream
    with strawberries and whipped cream – I got it, for
    goodness sake!”
    Then he toddles into the kitchen. After about 20
    minutes, the old man returns from
    the kitchen and hands his wife a plate of bacon and
    She stares at the plate for a moment. “Where’s my
    toast ?”

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