Cotillion is more of a southern thing.  Maybe magnolias have to dot the landscape in order to be sanctioned.  The Midwest and the Plains states have few, if any chapters, according to the National League of Junior Cotillions which, not surprisingly, is headquartered in North Carolina.

Here is a link to their website.  The photos are darling.

It’s a two-year process.  Graduates will know social graces and more that they will use throughout their lives  in ways far, far beyond the dance floor.

For our daughter, it’s a six-year process.  She has two more in the wings.

My mother signed me up for social dance classes when I was at the “awkward age” and I think it ruined me for years.  There weren’t enough boys in the class, so the teacher, who was also my ballet teacher, drafted me to be a boy.  I was thin, skinny, buck-teethed, and scraggly haired, so you can imagine how thrilled any girl would be to have me as her “guy.”  Even worse, I missed my opportunity to become a Southern Belle.  Later, at school dances, if I was actually asked to dance, there was an instant collision as both of us stepped forward on the same beat.

Much later, Dearly Beloved, who didn’t take classes, used his football maneuvers to manhandle me around the floor in an amazingly fluid style.  Bless him.

Enough about me.  One of our grandsons, now in middle school, has just begun Cotillion.

Surprisingly, he liked the new clothes his mother laid out for him.

He had no idea what he was in for.

When his mom picked him up after the class, she asked brightly, “Well, how was it?”


“Really?  What was the worst part?”


“Oh, goodness.  What was the BEST part?”


“Did you have to hold a girl’s hand?”

Brief silence, then…

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

She didn’t ask more questions, but couldn’t resist looking in the rear view mirror.  He seemed very pleased with himself.

Je ne sais quoi.

“Gentlemen, remember the 15 second rule. When the music stops, you have 15 seconds to escort your partner back to her seat. If you’re too slow, the music will start again and you’ll be stuck for another dance.”
Anonymous dance teacher addressing the class 


2 thoughts on “Charmed!

  1. NCMountainwoman

    Oh, I love this one! So glad manners still matter. What better way to overcome that “awkward” age than to be among others equally awkward? I loved the photo album on the Website! And, of course, the G-son.

  2. Charmed and smitten. What a handsome grandson!! With good manners he will marry RICH. Ok and happily and be so successful. One of my friends boys who is doing something similar in Evanston, Il told her that he was so glad the girls wore gloves and didn’t feel his clammy, sweaty hand. Boys are so great.

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