100+ Looks Better on a Spelling Test

Yes, it’s just as hot as you think it is.  Take a look at this chart from the National Climactic Data Center.

Those red spots point out the places where maximum temperatures were broken in June.  I found this in a most interesting article on NPR’s website.  You can read the entire article here.

Camp Grandad has certainly been impacted by the heat.  It’s just too darned hot to play.  Too hot to garden, to cook, to play golf, even to swim.  My library card currently has 51 books checked out and I think Dearly Beloved’s card might be smoking also.  The grandsons are fast readers and no one wants to be caught short.

Brit (that’s what I’ll call my English friend from now on)  e-mailed this week to offer sympathy about our searing heat.  She said that she could scarcely imagine it, since they are having a cool, wet summer in England.

She thought this video might help.

7 thoughts on “100+ Looks Better on a Spelling Test

    1. Mary Lee

      Dearly Beloved says that the happy medium is the only time I will play golf. Sunny, 71 degrees, and a slight breeze.

  1. Read, knit, stream movies, eat, read, knit, stream movies, eat, read…you get the idea. Why is hot even at the beach or hot even in the mountains so much worse than hot other places? Our Milwaukee daughter says there are streets and roads closed all over because of heat buckling. One night their LOW was 81! Forget cooler by the Lake. Are your Indy folks there at the beach or in Indy? Ours are in Hawaii and report the weather is perfect. Stay cool. At least you don’t have to golf with DB.

  2. Arkansas Patti

    I Believe!! I haven’t been this house bound ever. Even in winter, you can put more clothes on and make snow angles. Kindle has been my lifesaver. 100 would also look pretty good on the weight scales but that about covers it.

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