Asp Me No Questions

When a prospective buyer looked at the beach-house-not-on-the-beach recently, she and the realtor climbed the steps to the raised garden.

Under the shade of the large hickory tree is a slate patio,  one of our favorite spots.  We felt that any lookers would fall under its spell.  Here’s what it looks like on a typical summer  day:

That day…?  Not so much.   The space was already occupied.

The realtor told us that the snake coiled on one of the center stones was the size of her upper arm.   In fact, it was so large and coiled so perfectly, they thought perhaps it was someone’s pet.

What kind of snake was it?  She’d never seen one like that before.  It was beige, she told us.

Beige, like a python.

“The buyer is still interested,” the realtor said.  Still, we haven’t seen or heard from buyer or realtor again.

The good news is that we haven’t seen the snake, either.

I like to keep a bottle of stimulant handy in case I see a snake, which I also keep handy.-W.C. Fields

13 thoughts on “Asp Me No Questions

  1. I…am…breathless. Wait, perhaps your erstwhile snake is squeezing me. YIKES. Um, does someone have a grudge against you and is trying to kill (pardon the expression) any sale?

  2. If the Python appears, the messages may include a reminder to let go of old things, old ways, or old memories. It may be a reminder that one must let go of something to receive something new. The message may be about trying on different skins – about letting go of the image that you are because of parents, or spouse, etc. and to find out who you really are. Shedding skins is akin to shedding beliefs that inhibit one’s spiritual growth.
    Perhaps the Python is not ready to let go–just yet.
    The patio area is so beautiful.

  3. How sad that you want to sell such a gorgeous place. Perhaps the snake is trying to tell you something? It belongs in paradise, after all.

    1. Not really “want,” more a reality issue. Keeping up two houses is exhausting at this age–physically, emotionally, financially. If only we had “staff”. 🙂
      We thought we’d retire here, but have decided that since Charlotte is four house closer to our kids (who all live in different states) that’s the logical spot.

  4. Godfrey Daniel! I love that quote from W.C. Fields—never heard that one before.

    Here’s another one of my favorites: “Reminds me of my safari in Africa. Somebody forgot the corkscrew and for several days we had to live on nothing but food and water.”

    We’ve had a few “still interested” potential buyers, too. I think real estate agents just say that to let you down easy. Better than saying “They ran screaming out the door and we haven’t seen hide nor hair of them since.”

  5. I didn’t know you were selling your “beach house not on the beach! ” Where are you moving to?
    Being a city girl I’ve never seen a snake in the wild, only at a zoo. I’m sure my reaction would be to run and never look back! Good luck with the sale!

    1. Of course, we have only on venomous snake here in Ontario and it’s very rare. My veg garden is full of enormous garter snakes, but I quite like snake. 🙂

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