Be Gone Ya!

Some years I leave my potted angel wing begonia on the screened porch all year and try to remember to toss a blanket over it on extremely cold nights. The plant always manages to survive, but it does look peaked sometimes.  This past year, it was the summer heat that really did a number on it.  Not knowing what temperatures winter might bring, I was afraid to let it remain out there, so we brought it inside around Thanksgiving and put it in front of a bedroom window.

It convalesced, to say the least.

Recently, when I asked Dearly Beloved to put it back on the porch for the summer, he resisted, telling me, “No, no, I think it looks good in here.  I like it right where it is.”   




15 thoughts on “Be Gone Ya!

  1. Will you be mad if I start singing something from Little Shop of Horrors? 😉 Ha. And Begonia was the word my son spelt incorrectly at the last round of his Spelling Bee. We still make fun of him for that.

    1. LOL! You’re exactly right. I think it may have something to do with that fact that the planter is really heavy. Like Andy advised about Aunt Bea’s homemade pickles, he learned to love it.

  2. If you do move it to the porch, you better start knitting a humongous blanket to toss over. No regular blanket would cover that giant!

  3. At the very least it means you don’t have to draw the curtains. Although, admittedly, the poor thing is a bit spindly from all that effort to escape.

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