Dog Days At The Beach

When we go down to the beach-house-not-on-the-beach in June,  it should be interesting, even if it isn’t exactly relaxing.

  • We have the house there on the market.  There have been a trickle of lookers.
  • We will have Granddog Ivy and Miss Piggy with us for six weeks.  Three of the grandsons and their parents will be staying at the beach, but they will be in and out.  JOY!  And mayhem.
  • I’m not known for my tidiness.
  • Oh yes… Beryl is coming this week, bringing wind and rain.  Yard cleanup.

One of our neighbors there says that traffic is already heavy. Everyone who isn’t on the beach is in cars, clogging the roads.

Everyone.   She sent a photo she took at a traffic light to prove her point.

Cool Dude!

Dearly Beloved and I have decided that whenever the house is being shown, we’ll take the dogs for a drive, since they aren’t allowed on the beach this time of year.  That’s good–for the dogs’ sake. The last time I looked on the internet, there were 938,000 sites for doggy beachwear.  Grrrrrrr!!!

Still, a sunhat for Ivy might be in order.


8 thoughts on “Dog Days At The Beach

  1. Arkansas Patti

    Never could understand people dressing their pets except for extreme weather but I do like those goggles. You are smart to leave when the house is being shown. Some people can make some really snarky comments trying to bring the price down. Have fun and stay out of Beryl’s way.

  2. Looks as if the rain is headed out to sea, thank goodness. Oh, I remember when we had our house on the market. I would take the girls in my car (YES, MY CAR) and go to a nearby dog park when the house was being shown. During really hot weather we would simply drive around for the amount of time the showing took. Lots of gasoline and lots of vacuuming my car.

    Try to get in a little relaxation despite the chaos.

  3. My Odd Family

    Ivy is adorable! DB has his walking pal back! I always feel a little sad when she leaves her grandparents. That is a handsome sporty Lab perhaps Ivy and the Lab could meet up for a cone somewhere while the house is being shown…..Pats for Miss Piggy too!

  4. I was hoping for a monsoon from TS beryl-what I got was not worthy to mention (sigh).
    I was cracking up at the dogs…Gotta love people who can take the dog fashion seriously.

    Enjoy your time at the beach. Hope someone falls in love with the beach house and buys it while you are there too.


  5. love the goggles on the first dog…but as for dressing them up…our new next door neighbors not only dress up their little rat of a dog but they are often seen pushing her around in a baby stroller….they look ridiculous as the dog weighs all of 3 pounds…

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