Monday Moaning Headache

What is wrong with this picture?

The label on the bottle on the left specifies that is an aspirin for women. To be specific, a regimen, 81mg coated caplet aspirin.  The bottle on the right is a regimen, 325mg coated caplet aspirin.

Here’s the thing. . . .

The one on the top–the yellow, smaller one–is the 325mg.  The one on the bottom, at twice the size, is the 81mg. caplet formulated for women.


Hey, Bayer…!   Women don’t believe that bigger is always better.

That’s a little hard to swallow.

12 thoughts on “Monday Moaning Headache

  1. So strange! My guess is that they are made in entirely different countries…the women’s asprins are probabbly made in China 😦

  2. Marketing. It’s all about marketing but then, isn’t everything? Take my word for it, if the label says, “Now easier to swallow” stay away from it. “Easier” is a relative term.

  3. Are they calling us ‘Big MOUTH’?

    No idea otherwise, unless the larger, whiter one is for chewing? I for one would be unable to swallow either pill.

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