Come Again?!?!

Vanity Plates–those personalized license tags– intrigue me.  Whenever I travel, I often keep my camera on the car seat so that I can photograph any interesting ones.   Otherwise, my memory being what it is, I forget before I have a chance to tell Dearly Beloved about them.

Since the sun was shining through my windshield when I took this photo, I must apologize for the poor quality, but you can see why it caught my eye.



The minivan turned into a strip shopping mall containing a supermarket and a YMCA.

I didn’t hang around to see which one, but I’m going with YMCA.


10 thoughts on “Come Again?!?!

  1. My imagination is running wild! I can think of some really great places God’s Girl car might be found. Now some of those would make amazing photographs.

    I love vanity plates. My husband’s is the Blue Ridge Parkway plate and the letters are RPMD. Not many people know what that means since he rarely uses the suffix MD anymore. The owner of our knit shop has “YRN MAVEN.”

  2. Well, you did say it was a VANITY plate. My neighbor’s is BIGRACE.
    I have foregone the vanity plate–but I do have a special plate to “save our zoos”–the license number is a regular randomly generated one.

    1. Is that Big Race or Bi-Grace? And most especially, if Grace is her name, I definitely wouldn’t have bought a vowel on that one–I’d have gone with BYGRACE. I LOVE those special plates like you have. Decades ago, North Carolina had one that could be designated for planting wildflowers alongside our highways. We were on our way to real flower power, then the legislature started diverting the funds for other uses. Now we, like your state, have many selections. I hope the money goes to where it was intended these days.

      I like your choice!

      1. Oh, chuckle. I never thought of BIG RACE. Her name is Phyllis so I suspect it is not a name reference. She is, however, a very Christian lady. And besides, the space is BI GRACE.

  3. Arkansas Patti

    Vanity plates are dangerous. I almost rear ended a fellow trying to figure his out. IM2BZ2P. It took several miles to finally get it but I could relate.

    1. There was a urologist in California whose plate read “PPDOC.”

      I’ve never had vanity plates but we try to make some sense out of the regular ones we have, just for fun. My last license plate was “Y10MBK” and my husband told me it meant “You’re a 10 in my book.” Aww…

      My mother’s last plate before we made her quit driving at age 89 was “GSXN69.” I told her it meant “Gone past sex, no 69” and she actually got a laugh out of it. 🙂

  4. I’m with you – I’m betting on the YMCA or maybe a Christian bookstore? Oh wait. You’re in the south. Are you sure there wasn’t a church located in that strip mall? (An anomaly in GA that I still can’t figure out.)

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