Oh BroJoe, Where Art Thou???

We thoroughly enjoyed the 666 barbecue of my earlier post.   In fact, I’d give it a 9-9-9 (with a nod to Herman Cain) on a scale of 10-10-10.

Doctors don’t recommend The Southern Diet.  In fact, they recommend moving our appetites to another warm locale, say, with The Mediterranean Diet.

My brother, the health nut, has always turned up his nose at Southern-fried anything.  When our mother used to want to go out for “fish fried so that it curls up at the edges,” BroJoe would shake his head in horror.   Just the word “grease” could set off his gag reflex.  So when he sent this photo, I was surprised that he’d even gone inside any place that served this stuff.  I couldn’t imagine him bellying up to the buffet line just to take a photo!

What th'...?

(Take a guess.  I know what they are, but not how they taste.  I’ve never eaten either.)

I wrote back to BroJoe that the one on the right used to be one of Mother’s favorite dishes.  As a joke, I asked which one he tried.

Astonishingly, he answered, “Both.  I ate them for lunch.  Now they’re eating me.”  

Not a 666, though the aftermath does sound beastly.  Nope, I’d say this one was an o o, possibly an o o o o.

“In God we trust. All others must pay when they order.” – Sign at Southern barbecue joint

(Okay, Connoisseurs,  the pans hold fried chicken livers and gizzards–livers on the left.  Expecting something else?  Nope, this is a chitlin-free blog.))

7 thoughts on “Oh BroJoe, Where Art Thou???

  1. When my mother fried chicken, she always ate the fried liver before she served dinner. But I didn’t know anyone ever ate fried gizzards!

    And, I guess I have actually eaten turkey livers and gizzards. I cut up the gizzard, the liver, and the heart and cook them make giblet gravy. Fry up some chopped pancetta, add a good bit of wine and seasonings and it makes a great gravy for the turkey.

    BTW: I guess for fried gizzards and livers the whole thing about “presentation is everything” goes by the wayside. Couldn’t they find SOMETHING to pretty up those dishes?

  2. I thought you were going to tell us they were fried mountain oysters! Which, by the way, I have eaten and they were very good. But fried chicken livers are my favorite!

  3. I just knew those were gizzards! We used to eat them all the time. Somebody must still be eating them because they’re always in the market.

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