Packing It In?

When the neighbors saw a pile of old packing crates in his yard, I’ll bet they thought this guy was moving.


Not exactly. . . !


9 thoughts on “Packing It In?

  1. You were hard to find, but I got here eventually.

    You’re funny, I just read the previous post. I like funny, I’ m going to join. Can WordPressers join Bloggers’ blogs?

  2. When they tell you to watch your step leaving by the front door, they really mean it!

    I made a round trip to Chapel Hill today and in spite of all the scary things I saw this must be the scariest. Even assuming they are readying it for moving, it really doesn’t look stable. Wouldn’t take much wind to huff and puff and blow that house down.

  3. Wow! Is he expecting 40 days of rain? If he begins to build an ark move to higher ground!

    PS: Sorry to be so absent lately. Life has been sad, happy, crazy, busy. I never even got a chance to thank you for the beautiful photos you sent to me at Christmas. Since my Mom passed I have been working so hard to empty her home and then we have grandson’s birthdays in Colorado and wedding plans here in Brooklyn. When all is done I’m going away for a few days to do nothing but rest. Thanks for all your comments Marylee! {[[ hugs}}

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