Proof That BroJoe Reads My Blog

Also proof that he has a diabolical sense of humor.

Why else would he send these…?

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You can’t be friends with a squirrel! A squirrel is just a rat with a cuter outfit.     

-Sex in the City

(These are also posted on BroJoe’s World with a different text.)


8 thoughts on “Proof That BroJoe Reads My Blog

  1. The “gang of six.” We now have six of them taunting the dogs on the deck and trying to get at the birdfeeders. They have gotten so brazen they don’t immediately scurry away when I open the door. damnsquirrels

  2. BroJoe has a sick sense of humor 😉 I love the neighborhood that I live in – it’s new enough that we really don’t have squirrels because the trees are not developed enough. The will come someday but for now I enjoy watching the birds, and ONLY the birds, eat from the feeders 🙂

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