Seeing Red, Instead

I love bluebirds.

Dearly Beloved and I put out a new  house this winter, hoping to lease it to a bluebird family.  We’ve had bluebirds visiting our feeders daily and they spend a lot of time in the oak and cherry trees.  Sometimes there are six or more.

We worried that the blackbirds which bully their way to the front of the food line would discourage the gentler songbirds.  Whenever I witness this boorish behavior, however, I do my lunatic lady imitation (not a stretch for me) and run at the large birds, shrieking and waving my arms.  By pure chance,  I found that shaking my red sweatpants at the sunroom window works well, too. . . and no,  I wasn’t wearing them at the time.  I was folding laundry.

Look at this guy.  Doesn’t he look like he’s ready to sign on the dotted line?  The missus is probably already selecting drapery fabrics.

He sits there often during the day, observing, I hope, the endless buffet,  new house, a fence to deter cats, a bird bath.  We have everything but a hot tub.  How could he resist our luxury digs?

Today, however, I looked out the window and my blood pressure shot up about 50 points.   I was not expecting this:

I’ve seen how he does it.  He simply stands on the ground an takes a flying leap, right over that baffler.  A small group of squirrels paused from their bulb-digging heist at the base of the feeder to applaud this feat, then scrambled for the seeds which rained down on them.  Manna from heaven.

I’ve chased the little bastard away three times today, but he’s still managed to empty the two feeders in less than 24 hours.   He’s probably teaching gym classes in the big oak tree so that his buddies can learn the same trick.

The bluebirds may decide to go elsewhere–someplace without tree rats so bold that they sit atop the bird houses, contemplating mischief and mayhem.

Last year, after trying grease, aluminum pie pans, and a host of other tacky devices, we found this baffler which… well…  baffled the damnsquirrels.  I don’t know what to try next.  Any ideas?  So far, I have come up with only two options:

Which would you recommend:  mountain or moat?


7 thoughts on “Seeing Red, Instead

  1. Beautiful Bluebird! Since they mean so much to you…I would think the least your DB could do is stand guard over (discreetly) the feeder wearing your red sweat pants! I would offer lemonade every hour or so…. I suspect it won’t do a bit of good to suggest you let nature run it’s course…so if DB declines than I would build a moat and buy a few ducks for interest.
    Bluebirds and BlueJays are different right?–the daughter of a life-time Audubon with a life list a million miles long… ask’s. I never paid much attention. But we did raise a family a jays once and they were so mean.

  2. Arkansas Patti

    I have used that same feeder Pam uses and it really does work. Still you have to admire the intelligence and athletic ability of those squirrels. If they could talk, we might be coming to them for grub.

  3. You have to remember the squirrels don’t know you didn’t put it out for them. They just see food they like for the taking. I would feel the same way if I ran into a buffet of chocolate desserts!

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