Dearly Beloved planned all along to take me out to eat on Valentine’s Day.  He really did.

The problem is that the man is commitment phobic about reservations.   He was sure there wouldn’t be a problem.  I was sure there would.

He must have thought better of it that afternoon because he began calling for a reservation while he was out on his walk.  It wasn’t as easy as he thought.

Eventually he e-mailed me a Valentine’s Day Menu from a new restaurant we haven’t tried. He said they had two reservations left–one at 5 PM and one at 10 PM.  Since he didn’t want to have to set the alarm clock to guarantee we’d be awake for the 10 PM one, he’d opted for the one at 5.

Before we left the house, he hastily e-mailed our three guys to share the wisdom he had gleaned from his experience:

Date: February 14, 2012 4:28:54 PM EST
Subject: Learn from the master
When taking the wife out for a fancy Valentine Dinner, don’t wait until the day itself to make reservations.If you do your choices are:
1. 5:00
2. After 9:00
3. 10:00
We’re leaving now.

The restaurant was wonderful– perfect, in fact–and we’ll definitely return.  We ordered from the Valentine’s Day Menu, so haven’t even tried the regular menu yet.  They have at least 15 more flavors of gelato I’d like to try.  DB had espresso, I tried the salted caramel.

We were already in bed, moaning that we’d eaten too much, by 10 PM.

My brother eats out often, since he is on the road a lot and he checks out the local restaurants in the towns he visits.  He’s pretty much of a health nut, so I’m not sure I believe some of the things he claims to have eaten.

For instance, even though he once sent a photo as proof, I’m none too sure he’s ever actually eaten a collard sandwich.   However, he is the one who hooked Dearly Beloved and me on Hatteras Clam Chowder.  I tried it after BroJoe told me he eats it “all the time.”   Even our grandsons like it.  (I don’t know if that’s how he fixes it–I found this recipe online and liked it.  I ignored the ones that called for fresh clams because I didn’t want to chop them.)

But back to Valentine’s….  Just after Valentine’s Day,  BroJoe e-mailed a photo of a menu.

I am so-o-o-o hoping that this is not the place he took his Valentine.


12 thoughts on “Reservations

  1. I can attest that collard sandwiches are tasty. My mama used cornbread to make the sandwiches but I’ve also had them with white bread.the white bread gets a little juicy and messy for my taste. Glad that you and DB enjoyed the restaurant and it appears that DB has learned a valuable lesson: make reservations well in advance of Valentine’s Day.

    I’ve had clear broth clam chowder; it’s a popular dish around Cape Hatteras. As for the fish menu, if forced to choose, my advice is to choose the perch over the herring. In the alternative,go to another restaurant!

    Thanks for a sweetly humorous post. You gave me a good laugh and made me feel a bit of nostalgia for my childhood.

    1. I am a collards fan–just can’t picture them in a sandwich.

      DB and I had that Hatteras chowder years ago at a little restaurant on Ocracoke, but I didn’t know how to fix it. It never occurred to me to ask my brother.

      I want the kind of fish that doesn’t taste fishy and, like my mother, want it fried until it turns up at the edges. No squish. 🙂 Naturally, DB’s tastes are completely different.

  2. Joe chose a banquet hall for our first Valentines Day Dinner together. They served seniors at 5pm and we arrived for the 6pm sitting. The bad news was the food….The good news was I received several roses and a couple kisses from men in their 90’s. So I guess what I am saying…if BroJoe took his gal to this place–she still might consider him a pretty good catch.


  3. Arkansas Patti

    Looks like DB saved the day. Maybe next year, he will try the day before. Takes a while for the
    reservation phobes.
    Don’t knock Bro Joe too much, I am now craving a collard sandwich :))

    1. The collard sandwich must be good. I think he keeps going back.

      My grandmother was the queen of collards. She cooked them in a pressure cooker and had some blow-ups which left the ceiling green. She must not have known about collard sandwiches or they’d surely have been a staple.

  4. maybe I have given up on being romantic,I’d have loved the perches by the plate! We stopped celebrating v day. Without expectations there won’t be disappointment… We went to a Chinese restaurant with the kids thinking nobody would go to a Chinese restaurant that night. Wrong! Completely packed. Really people?

  5. I much prefer eating at 5 PM, don’t you? The restaurant is usually quieter, the service faster and better, and as you pointed out, you are home early enough to lie on the couch and moan for a few hours before bed!

  6. Let’s say if you bring your first date to the herring/perch restaurant-nothing good is likely to happen. If you need to be in bed by 10, and your married, looking for a local dive, cheers you found it.

    Glad to know you and the hubby discovered a new great restaurant. This time getting a reservation on the last day, paid off.

    Collard sandwich? I need to think about that one.


  7. My dear husband took me AND our daughter (who was visiting from England) out to the Hershey Hotel Circular Dining Room–it is a fancy schmancy place. Lovely setting, attentive service, and very good food. But the company was the best part of all!
    I don’t mind sharing Valentine’s day at all–after all our daughter is tangible proof of my husband’s and my love for each other.

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