Time To Get Tough

With all the conversations about birth control on the news lately, please do yourself a favor and watch.  It’s men doing most of the talking and they’re coming up with cavemen proclamations like, Viagra – covered by insurance.  Birth Control – meh….

In situations like this, the question arises… What would Betty Say?  Lo and behold, the answer came in today’s e-mail:


8 thoughts on “Time To Get Tough

  1. LOVE IT. Actually, I had seen this before. All I can say is Betty White–she’s a real vagina. (Kinda doesn’t sound quite right, but she sure is tough.)

  2. You go, girl! And, yes, I’ve long wondered why so much of the conversation over the years on issues which are FEMALE comes from the mouths of MALES. And why a male- the Pope- makes decisions for women worldwide about their reproductive health, family planning, etc. Perhaps what he needs is a vagina…or to listen, REALLY LISTEN…to those with a vagina.

  3. Nobody has said whether vasectomies will still be covered by insurance in this so-called “war on religious freedom.” It’s as much a form of contraception as birth control pills, but none of the religious leaders have spoken out against it. It’s a lot easier for them to tell women to sit down and shut up—as they did today at the congressional hearing. Or Spanish Inquisition—you choose.

  4. Arkansas Patti

    I adore that woman.
    There really is a huge double standard isn’t there and yet we are the majority. Something wrong about that.

  5. Ain’t it the truth. I wish the mom’s and sisters of the men spouting off would just beat the crap out of them. Oops..I forgot we are the kinder, weaker sex..not capable of minding our own health.

    Betty White is the best!

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