A Matter of Degrees

It’s the fourth warmest winter on record here, I heard today.  Daffodils are blooming throughout our neighborhood.  My neighbor’s large tulip magnolia is unsure what it’s supposed to do–about a third of the blossoms opened before the temperatures dipped this week.

The weather in Europe has made the news here because of the awful cold.   My British friend says they’re getting a surprising dose of winter weather in England.

Do you remember the Burns Night Supper post?   The haggis and Scotch evening traditionally held on the occasion of the Scottish poet Robert Burns’ January 25 birthday?  I had been so interested in it and asked so many questions that my friend shared some photos of the evening.

The setting in her “15th century straw house” looks just as lovely as I’d imagined.

I thought this menu was especially clever:

I’d take a Spoiler, but leave out the Scotch.  Then again, were I eating haggis, I might need the Scotch.

Since I’d also been curious as to what her guests would wear on such an occasion, she obliged by sending these photos, also.

She did say, however, that some just don’t have the figure for kilts.  I agree!


22 thoughts on “A Matter of Degrees

  1. Arkansas Patti

    Has he got anything on under that kilt?? Love that menu and I agree about Haggis. I’m not saying I would never, but so far I haven’t been hungry enough.

    1. I’ve not run into anyone who’s tasted it and said it was bad… I suppose it’s just the idea. Sort of like the brains and eggs my grandmother used to try and foist on me.

  2. Angie (shozzy)

    Brilliant …. the guests so made me smile. I am a bit of the Burns when its a smooth single malt and often a spoiler with the chreaper ones lol.
    As for haggis …there are so many ways to cook it in all its different forms …and every butcher and mass producer seems to have their own recipe …get a good one and one that suits your palate and it is fantastic….and in its sliced form it is a perfect addition fried, at breakfast. with bacon and egg. I think you need to try it in its native land.xx

    1. Don’t you have stuff lying around to build a snowman or two… or 20? Have you seen the picture of the upside down snowman? I love that one. Can’t remember where I saw it though.

  3. That is either a very small snowman, or someone has a serious case of chubs in that family. 🙂 Where did they find a perfectly pleated kilt that big?
    Love the whiskey menu!!

  4. My daughter-in-law was born in Scotland and came to the U.S. with her parents when she was two. I think her folks have a similar Burns celebration and I know they throw a big wing-ding for New Year’s with Scottish dancing. My son wore a borrowed kilt to his wedding but now has one that was especially made for him. I have a photo of him showing the red jockey shorts he wore underneath it. No going “commando” for him, haha.

      1. You’d be surprised about all the particulars that go into kilt making. You have to have the correct tartan plaid for your clan, for one thing. I have no idea what his is or what would happen if you had the wrong one—I guess it might be kind of like wearing the wrong gang colors. Maybe they do a “drive-by” caber toss through your windshield or splatter your car with haggis.

  5. If I am eating haggis….I need a double scotch please.

    What a fun evening for your friend. Nice of her to share it with you too.

    As you know, winter has reappeared. Gone will be the early blooms.


    1. The friend is a real delight. She had already told me I could use the photos, but I sent her the blog link that if she disapproved, I’d take it down. She wrote back that she’d already seen it and told her husband, “Look… we finally made her blog.” 🙂

      Yes, my plants are absolutely bewildered.

  6. Love the snow people!! I have shockingly never celebrated Robbie Burns day, and I have Scottish in-laws and a hubby with Scottish blood! Maybe next year.

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