Good Vibrations

What we’ve had here is a failure to communicate.

Last week when Dearly Beloved was out somewhere, I sent him three (he says four) e-mails.  Let me point out that (a) I don’t text and (b) if I wanted to tell him something, I’d call him.  

The e-mails were something I thought he’d be interested in at some point and might not see otherwise.  I didn’t expect him to look at them right at that moment.

For reasons I don’t understand, DB drives with his iPhone in his pants pocket. He keeps it set on vibrate.  That means that whenever someone attempts to communicate with him, it emits a quick noise like someone sat on a whoopee cushion and simultaneously sets off a buzz in his britches.

I suppose that’s hard to ignore.

Soooo. . . when he returned home after my three–or four–vibrations, he said, “Don’t send me any more of those chain e-mail Forwards crap” or something to that effect.

Just for the record, that is not what I sent him.  I detest chain e-mails.  Perhaps, I suggested, he had not examined them closely before asking me not to send them.  We discussed this in some detail and that may be what prompted him to impart his wisdom to his son and sons-in-law with this e-mail:

Subject: Learn from the master

Maintain a moderate tone when telling the wife not to send you any more political links or chain emails.


For example don’t say “DON’T SEND ME ANY MORE OF THIS ####!!!


Sent from my iPhone

This morning I did not forward this delightful video to him, but after he saw me laughing, he watched it on my computer and soon his face broke into a big grin, too.  Along with 2,000,000 other people, Elder Dude found it worth watching.  So very wise of him!



9 thoughts on “Good Vibrations

  1. Hmmm–you’re not suggesting that the buzz in the pants is unwelcome, are you?
    I can relate–my husband and I send each other items we have come upon, but try to keep it to a minimum. When I watch videos–such as the “touched by a gorilla” one–I watch them. And then begin to talk about them, or laugh at them. That usually gets my husband to walk over and look–all without my sending him the link.
    Of course, it helps if I laugh crazily at the video–he can’t resist.

  2. Sharon

    O.K. THAT was amazing! The gorilla video. Not DB. That’s typical man stuff. Their stuff is important and interesting. Ours is not. Why do I know that? Because I also have a DB. Whenever I am laughing at something…cartoon in the newspaper, video on the internet, it’s “what?” But, if I send him an e-mail of something I think he might like…”no, I didn’t look at it”! Thanks for sending the gorilla video, I think I’ll share it! After all, his nickname is GO-rilla!

  3. Arkansas Patti

    WOW! What an experience. Not sure I wouldn’t need an undie change after that but how awesome.
    Keep DB vibrating.

  4. Birdie

    What was with the silverback and the whole family settling in behind that guy in the black shirt in a line, like they were imitating him or something. I am with Arkansas Patti!! Can’t gorillas be terribly protective of their young??

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