The Cat on the Mat

My friend DirtWoman sends me great photos and videos.  Besides gardening, she also  

loves cats (these two in particular) and fitness classes, so it’s no surprise that she found this delightful video.

Even a catless couch potato will enjoy this one.

You can bet it wasn’t an exercise freak who invented power steering. Garfield


10 thoughts on “The Cat on the Mat

  1. That is exactly what happens in our house if I try to get down on the floor to stretch, except I have two cats and two pugs. I laughed all the way through it, especially when one of my cats started climbing up on my shoulder to watch this. Thanks for the smiles!

  2. Arkansas Patti

    I’m with Birdie hoping the cat is declawed. That woman is really limber and I laughed out loud when the cat settled briefly on her behind. Fun video.

  3. Remarkable. Must admit, I’m a bit weirded out by both yoga and cats in my old age, so this was a novel twofer.

    And that’s a charming birdhouse in your header.

  4. Oh, I love that video (and I am jealous of her flexibility!) My cats love to come sit on my yoga mat but they don’t get involved in the goings-on!

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