Mrs. Dude Abides…Barely

Dearly Beloved gave me a birthday break when he let me post his stories about his cattle ranch/college days.  Not that I post regularly anyhow, but having something new without having to write it was fun.

DB was grateful for your compliments and your comments about starting a blog of his own, but I can’t imagine him ever wanting to do so.   His writing these days is mostly in the form of e-mails to family.

His notes to our son and sons-in-law and their responses can sometimes be hilarious to me when he shares them, even though I don’t speak their language.  Phrases and wisdom from The Big Lebowski are common, but repetitive, since there is little quotable material from that movie which isn’t laced with f-bombs.  Such pithy statements  as this aggression will not stand, man… special lady… dabbling in pacifism… adult beverages… the dude abides… and most certainly, the concerns about peeing on the rug. Peeing on the rug was an act of aggression in the movie.

I feel responsible for their obsession, since I was the one who spotted the review of the movie about 14 years ago and thought it was something DB might enjoy.  I remember walking out of the Minneapolis theater with an apology for selecting such an awful movie on my lips when DB, gushed something like, “That was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen!  I can’t wait to tell the guys (son and SILs) about it.

The movie, written and produced by the Coen Brothers, is supposedly based on Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep.  Lebowski became a cult favorite long after it was released and spawned books and blogs about it. There’s Duderonomy,  a Dudespaper, and even Dude conventions.   Thankfully, DB has not gone that route, but Lebowski still has a place of honor in our house.

Some of DB’s notes are about retirement, as in, “I’m having an adult beverage and watching basketball.  How’s work today?”  He also imparts wisdom on marriage and life in general.

Here’s one he shared with me last week:

Subject: Learn from the Master
Tomorrow is the wife’s birthday.  She’ll be 51.
I’ve made a few bad choices on her presents over the years.  The crockpot year, Newark Airport gift shop picture (which she hung over the toilet), and there’ve been others.
This year I’ve hired someone to clean the outside windows, rather than me.  They’ll be here Monday.
She’ll be thrilled.  I’ll give you a report.

          Elder dude

I was thrilled, (a) that the windows were going to be cleaned and (b) that DB wasn’t going to get on that ladder himself.  It was raining last Monday, so the window washer didn’t come.  Looks like this Monday wasn’t good for him either.  Still, if it keeps DB off that ladder, I’m willing to wait.

In the meantime, it’s our inside windows that are looking worse every day.  They’re filled with nose prints.  We have been keeping granddog Ivy for a couple of weeks and she has taken it upon herself to be on full squirrel alert.  She stands, nose to the windows, and when she sees a damnsquirrel she races to the door to go outside and chase them away.

Think I don’t love that?!

DB has enjoyed every minute of her visit.  Having an active dog around, especially one with a personality like Ivy’s, has delighted him.  They go on long walks together.  They play ball.  Ivy sleeps by his side of the bed.  He dreads having to take her back to her peeps.  

Recently, I was seated on the sofa working on my laptop, my feet on the coffee table.   Dearly Beloved was sitting on the loveseat at a right angle to me.  He wanted a glass of water, so he stood and nudged my legs with his knee, saying, “Will you move your legs for a minute so that I can get by?”

I looked up, surprised.  It was much easier for him to go in the other direction. There was a wider path and my legs weren’t blocking it.  But wait… I looked down and saw that Ivy was lying on the floor and knew instantly what he was doing.

“You’re asking me to move so that you won’t have to disturb the dog, aren’t you?”

Mr. Romantic looked around and realized sheepishly that,  “Uh… yes.  I guess I was.” 

Honestly!  It’s a good thing the man does not wear a toupee.

I’d be tempted to pee on his rug.


14 thoughts on “Mrs. Dude Abides…Barely

  1. I LOVED this post! First…a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    I completely understand about moving in order not to disturb the dog. You are lucky, though. My husband would not ask me to move…he would ask me to refresh his drink rather than move so he can do so. Perhaps you could ask for more grandparent time with the Ivy. Dogs are grandchildren too, aren’t they?

  2. What is it with a boy and his dog? Mr M insist on putting the newest member of our little pack right in the middle. That means no snuggling for me. But don’t be too quick to wash those windows. Those smears are not just spots on the window they are pieces of one of a kind ….. Dog Art

  3. Happy Birthday and what a cool present. I fear I am Big Lebowski ignorant but it really sounds like a guy movie. Don’t think I’ll order it.
    Totally lost it on the toupee remark.

  4. I am fostering a 7 year old Doberman mix…full of need and love and one my all time favorite campers..she is a victim of divorce and has a forever home with me unless I can find a better one. Lada hates squirrels and is an amazing watch dog while being kind to other dogs and well mannered spouses and children. Anyway..just thought I would share about her…
    The frist commandment ever written was let sleeping dogs lie!

  5. First of all, I can never understand when someone says they enjoyed that movie! lol I thought it was horrible but then it went on to become quite a cult classic so what do I know:-) That is too funny about DB disturbing you because he didn’t want to disturb the dog….isn’t it wonderful knowing what our place in life is?? hehe Thank you for once again making me laugh, I so love reading your posts:-) xoxo

  6. Sharon

    First…did I tell you Happy Birthday on Facebook? Can NOT remember, but hope it was happy. Second…never have seen The Big Lebowsky. Guess it’s a guy thing and my DB/guy does not “do” movies. Hence, clueless. So, I never saw that coming! Very funny pee-on-the-rug ending!

  7. The Big Lebowski is one movie I have never seen. I guess I should…
    As for Ivy–she can share with our dog Ziva the squirrel patrol. Ziva throws herself at the window when a squirrel is outside. The squirrels, of course, pay her no mind whatever.

  8. I’ve tried to watch this movie, but I think it must be a guy thing. I didn’t enjoy it at all, and turned it off about 45 minutes into it. However, I do love Jeff Bridges as an actor and a person. He has been married to his wife for decades, and that says something about a Hollywood star. Now, this is showing my age, I was also a big fan of his father’s TV show!

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