Ad Nauseam.

Although Miss Piggy, our 15-year-old cocker spaniel, is surprisingly healthy for an old girl,  last week she had an upset stomach for a couple of days, so we had the vet examine her.  The doctors and the blood tests they ran couldn’t find anything wrong except mild anemia, so they thought the throwing up was because “perhaps she ate something she shouldn’t.”

The dog that eats her weight in you-know-what every week ate something she shouldn’t? Imagine that.

Dearly Beloved ‘fessed up that he’d given her a little bit of baked chicken skin a couple of days before.  In the greatest of ironies, the vet put Miss Piggy on a temporary diet of pricey prescription canned bland dog food to calm her delicate tummy.  Dearly Beloved said that he wanted to say. “SERIOUSLY? This dog eats SH*T!!”

She was also groomed while at the vet’s, but I am having to wash her ears daily because she eats this wet food so greedily that her ears sweep through her bowl and come out starched with dog food.

While she may still be a bit lethargic–it’s difficult to tell, since she lies around all day anyhow– at least she is clean and not yet putting out that special eau de cocker odor.  They sent her home wearing a snazzy autumn red bandanna.

Miss Piggy is all about comfort.  Her comfy Christmas t-shirt is as dressy as she wants to get.  If you want to see doggy fashion with attitude, it’s hard to beat our diva granddog, Ivy.  I’m not talking “cutesy.”  This girl has character actress aspirations.  You’ve seen her Little Match Girl look, now check out her looks from Dr. Zhivago, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and Swan Lake…!  Click here for that treat.


21 thoughts on “Ad Nauseam.

  1. Ha! I love them. I’m glad I’m not the only insane person who dresses up her pets. Our long-haired Chihuahua, Lolita, was the easiest. She was everything from Scarlett O’Hara in a bonnet and Civil War dress to channeling Theda Bara in a turban. Now, my cats? Not so much.

  2. I am always smiling and laughing reading your posts. This one is no exception.
    Cheers to pricey, tasteless wet dog food and Miss Piggy’s speedy recovery.


    1. Dearly Beloved always says, “You’re not writing about me, are you?” If I say no, he says, “Another one about dog poop?”

      I’d like to say there’s a shortage of material with the latter, but alas….

  3. Ok… Is it just me or does Ivy in the crochet look just like the Big Bad Wolf all dressed up like grandma?!?! Adorable pictures 🙂 Hope Miss Piggy starts feeling better soon. Perhaps she just got into a little piece of poo that didn’t agree with her… 😉

  4. Never one to be fond of dogs dressing up, I must say that Ivy is adorable. Best of all, she clearly LOVES it! And that makes all the difference. Tell your daughter to go for it. Who knows? Maybe they will start another reality show. I think Doggie Divas is the obvious name for the show.

    Our Lucy often has GI problems from picking up deer poop or acorns. We started giving her a probiotic once a day. Also, we substitute one-fourth of her dog food with an equal portion of canned pumpkin. She hasn’t had any problems for months now. We buy canned pumpkin made for dogs. The probiotic is also made for dogs. Make certain it contains a bifida culture. Obviously, ask your vet about it to make sure it’s all right to give to Miss Piggy.

    1. I knew about the pumpkin, but didn’t know there was one made for dogs. I like the idea of the probiotic. Thanks!

      Yes, it’s too bad there isn’t a Miss America Dog contest. You should see her in a swim suit.

  5. For a dog lover, you’re refreshingly insincere and unromantic. I had begun to conclude that, perhaps some time in the past ten years and possibly coinciding with the victory of PETA over Western civilization and with the whole Adopt-A-Pet movement, one had to entirely relinquish one’s sense of humor in order to own a dog.

    1. One has to have a sense of humor with this dog. She’s a good dog, but it’s because she doesn’t want to DO anything except eat, so she doesn’t chew on the furniture or anything like that. Drop a crumb and you’ve made her day.

  6. There must be something wrong with our family. We never dressed our animals up and we had tons of pets, all kinds.
    I really have to ask: do you hesitate when you get a love lick considering the sh** Miss Piggy eats? 🙂

    1. No kidding, she has never licked any of us. We are not food, so the interest is not there. I suppose we should feel lucky that she doesn’t consider us turds, either.

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