L, My Name Is Loopy

When our kids were young, we used to play word games at dinner.  I’d unearthed my old box of vocabulary cards from Jr. High and we’d attempt to learn a new word together each day.  (The success of that one came and went, to be honest.)  More likely, we’d get silly and play alphabet games.  I still remember our son struggling to think of a food that began with the letter X.  He came up with Xavier Cugat-prepared salad which sent us all howling.  I can’t imagine that he had any idea who Xavier Cugat was, as DB and I barely knew ourselves.

We’d also toss out alliterative adjectives to go with our first or last names.  I remember coming up with Marvelous Mary. That one didn’t catch on.

Occasionally, I still dust off some of those silly names, batt my eyes, and use them with Dearly Beloved.  I did so last week when I forwarded to him an article I’d found online.

I wish I hadn’t.

Since I am the Neighborhood Watch coordinator for our area, my computer is loaded with several hundred e-mail addresses of people I don’t actually know–police, college officials, city council people, as well as friends and neighbors, not to mention that string of names which stick when someone sends me a group e-mail without using the BCC feature.  I try to be extra observant when sending e-mails because sometimes my computer auto-fill sneaks in names that definitely aren’t the intended recipients.

I fear that’s what happened to the article meant for Dearly Beloved.  He’s checked his Inbox several days now and it simply isn’t there.

Even though I don’t recall what it was that I sent nor have any idea who might have received it, I do have a searing recollection of the name I filled in as Sender:

Perchance, did any of you receive a mysterious forwarded article from someone named LUSCIOUS…?  


10 thoughts on “L, My Name Is Loopy

  1. Someone out there is grinning ear to ear and prancing around like a peacock, thinking how lucky they are to have received an email from LUSCIOUS! lol lol lol Ok you’ve got me in a fit of giggles this morning already:-) xoxo

  2. I have no doubt that if I received a message from “Luscious” my SPAM folder would have caught it immediately. We played those word games in our family as well. What fun memories.

  3. My grandchildren and I played an alphabet game whenever we walked somewhere this summer. When it was your turn, you took the next letter in the alphabet and had to use that letter at the beginning of each word in the sentence: My name is ____ and I live in _____. My favourite food is _____ and I like to ______. We had a lot of laughs!

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